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The Most Eternal Things in Existence

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Track #3 of the Series, Light on the Path

"Yes, absolutely yes.
The second question: Do you have any message for us in this new beginning?

"Just remember one thing: the sannyas movement has entered a critical stage. It is a good sign; it will bring maturity, strength, togetherness.

"What is to be remembered is that this strength, this togetherness does not become an organization. It remains the movement of individuals who are together because their experience is similar. They are not part of a religion, they are not a church; their individuality is absolutely intact….

"Because that is one of the most difficult things: in times of difficulty one tends to become organized because that way you can fight better, you can oppose the enemy better. But my emphasis is that in opposing the enemy you create a bigger enemy within yourself: the organization, the church, the religion."
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Osho continues:
"The whole thing is defeated.

"So remain continuously aware and make your readers remember in different ways in different times, that my message is for the individual, and I stand for absolute freedom, individuality. If we are together and if we are fighting together our aim is to fight for individuality and freedom. We are not going to become unconsciously a church, an organization.

"That has happened to all the religions in the past. It was a calamity. Avoid the calamity.
Almost two years ago Sheela told us you wanted your sannyasins to leave California and close the centers there. But now that the ranch is ending, thousands of sannyasins have gone there to live. Would you like to say something to them?
"It was simply a device to call people to the commune in Oregon. Now that the commune exists no more, the sannyasins in California should start their centers – if possible, communes. But remember that Oregon's commune was the model, and in California no compromise should be made.

"California is in a strange kind of mind – everything there is fashion. So within four, five years, it dies; a newer fashion takes place. Within the last thirty years many things have happened in California with a predictably great future, but they all died within two, three years. So make centers and communes in California, but avoid the Californian tendency of taking everything as a fashion.

"Sannyas is not a fashion – it is one of the most eternal things in existence. It will be there always, it has been there always – because it is the search for the truth, it cannot be reduced to a fashion.
When we are scattered throughout the world, most of us far from you and living in small groups. Then what is the meaning of the second gachchhami: Sangham sharanam gachchhami?
"Now it has more meaning than it had before. Let me tell you about all the gachchhamis.

"The first is: Buddham sharanam gachchhami: 'I go to the feet of the awakened one.' It is an approach of humbleness, openness, non-resistance. Without such an approach no master can function. The disciple has to give way for the master to enter the innermost core of his being."
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