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One of the Most Mysterious Phenomena

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Track #13 of the Series, Light on the Path

"A buddhafield is one of the most mysterious phenomena in existence. It simply means whenever someone becomes awakened, his consciousness radiates a certain aura around him. Whoever is receptive, available, can be transformed by the radiating energy from an awakened being. The very presence of the awakened person can hit you so deep that your dormant energy starts awakening.

"It has been described as a sleeping serpent being awakened. It was lying coiled, looking almost dead, and when provoked, it uncoils itself. Because of the similarity of the phenomena, in the East the uncoiling energy in the presence of the awakened person is called Kundalini. Kundalini simply means the serpent power.

"The buddhafield can become a network. In the hands of a skilled master it need not be confined to a small area; hence I have introduced the communes."
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Osho continues:
"It is as if you put a mirror in front of a light. The mirror has no way of producing light, but it can reflect light. A single light surrounded by thousands of mirrors can create a light of immense quantity.

"In India there is a temple made completely of small pieces of mirror. When you enter the temple you are suddenly surrounded by yourself from every side, in thousands of ways: from the ceiling, from the floor, from the walls. Each piece represents you in your totality. It is not that the piece of mirror is going to reflect only a certain part of you; it reflects you totally, your whole personality. And those thousands of mirrors all reflect you.

"Just take a burning candle inside with you and you will be surprised at the effect: just one candle suddenly becomes thousands of candles, and all the reflections create tremendous light.

"The man who had made the temple was one of the richest men in India. He simply loved to make unique things. He loved me very much. I asked him – he had taken me to the temple to show me – I asked him, 'Do you know the meaning of this temple?'

"He said, 'Meaning? I have simply created a unique piece of beauty, architecture, and something which has no parallel in the whole world.'

"I said, 'That's true, but there is meaning also in it, and you must know it, because it is very embarrassing that you created the temple and you don't know the meaning of it. The meaning is, this temple represents in a material way the fabric of a buddhafield.'

"One buddha can create thousands of seekers around him. They are not awakened but they are willing to be awakened. They have not yet reached the goal, but they are very receptive, open, available. In the presence of the master they can at least function as mirrors very easily; then one buddha becomes millions of buddhas.

"I had made the communes so that five thousand people could live together and learn to reflect me. Not to imitate me, remember – these are two totally different things. The mirror never imitates you; the mirror simply reflects you."
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