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Love Is the Master Key

Track #1 of the Series, The Path of Love

"Religion has very rarely existed in a healthy way – only when a Buddha walks on the earth, or a Christ or a Krishna or a Kabir. Otherwise, religion has existed as a pathology, as illness, as neurosis. One who has realized religion through his own being has a totally different understanding of it. One who has been imitating others, his understanding is not understanding at all. Truth cannot be imitated. You cannot become true by becoming a carbon copy. Truth is original, and to attain to it you have to be original too.

"Truth is not attained by following somebody, truth is attained by understanding your life. Truth is not in any creed, in any argument; truth is hidden as love in the deepest core of your being. Truth is not logic; it is not a syllogism, it is an explosion of love."
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Osho continues:
"And whenever truth explodes in you, you attain to a totally different vision of life, of godliness, of religion. Your eyes have a different quality, a different transparency, clarity. When your mind is clouded with thoughts borrowed from others, whatsoever you call religion is not religion, it is just dreaming.

"And the basic difference makes an imitative person pathological. A Christian is pathological, a Hindu too. Krishna is healthy, superbly healthy; so is Christ. When Christ says something, he has known it. He is not repeating somebody else, he is not a parrot. It is his own realization; and that makes the whole difference.

"When you become a Christian, you repeat Christ. By and by, you become more like a shadow. You lose your being. You lose yourself. You are no more true, real, authentic. A Christian is already dead, and religion is concerned with a rebirth. Yes, it is a crucifixion too; the old has to die for the new to be born.

"But following a dead creed, a dogma, a church, you never allow the old to die – and you never allow the new to be born. You never take the risk. You never move in danger. When Christ goes to face his own being, he is moving dangerously, he is taking a great risk, he is going into the unknown.

"Just the other night I initiated a young man into sannyas, and I told him to seek the unknown. He said, 'But why? And how? How can I seek the unknown? That which I don't know, how can I seek it?'

"We only seek the known. But if you only seek the known you will never know godliness – because you don't know godliness. If you seek the known you will move in a circle, in a rut. You will become mechanical. Seek the unknown, because through seeking the unknown you move out of the rut, out of the repetitive, mechanical way of life. He is also right; he says, 'How to seek the unknown?'

"Drop the known, don't cling to the known, and wait for the unknown. If you don't cling to the known, if you put the known aside, the unknown comes on its own accord."
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