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The Master of Masters

Track #5 of the Series, Yoga: The Science of the Soul

"Patanjali is talking about the phenomenon of God. God is not the creator; for Patanjali, God is the ultimate flowering of individual consciousness. Everybody is on the way to becoming a god. Not only you but the stones, the rocks, every unit of existence is on the way to becoming a god. Some have become already, some are becoming, some will become.

"God is not the creator but the culmination, the peak, the ultimate of existence. He is not in the beginning: he is in the end. And of course, in a sense, he is in the beginning also, because in the end only that can flower which has always been from the very beginning as a seed. God is the potentiality, the hidden possibility: this has to be remembered."
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Osho continues:
"So Patanjali has not a single God, he has infinite gods. The whole existence is full of gods.

"Once you understand Patanjali's conception of God, then really God is not to be worshipped. You have to become one; that is the only worship. If you go on worshipping God that won't help. In fact, that is foolish. The worship, real worship, should consist in becoming a god yourself.

"The whole effort should be to bring your potentiality to the point where it explodes into an actuality – where the seed is broken and that which was hidden from eternity becomes manifested. You are God unmanifested, and the effort is how to bring the unmanifested to the manifested level – how to bring it to the plane of manifestation.
Being beyond the limits of time, he is the master of masters.
"He is talking about his conception of God. When somebody becomes a flower, when somebody becomes a lotus of being, many things happen to him and many things start happening through him into existence. He becomes a great power, an infinite power, and through him, in many ways, others are helped to become gods in their own right.
Being beyond the limits of time, he is the master of masters.
"There are three types of masters. One is not exactly a master; rather a teacher. A teacher is one who teaches, who helps people to know about things without realizing them himself. Sometimes teachers can attract thousands of people. The only thing needed is they should be good teachers. They may not have known themselves but they can talk, they can argue, they can preach, and many people can get attracted through their talks, their preaching, their sermons. And talking continuously about God, they may be fooling themselves. By and by they may start feeling that they know.

"When you talk about a thing, the greatest danger is that you may start believing that you know. In the beginning when you start to talk, to teach…. Teaching has some appeal because it is very ego-fulfilling – when somebody listens to you attentively, deep down it fulfills your ego that you know and he doesn't know."
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