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The Path of Love

Kabir is a 15th Century Indian mystic. A poet, weaver, husband and father, he is enlightened and yet an ordinary man. His poetic songs tell of the ecstasy and the pitfalls on a seeker′s journey on the path of love.

Osho brings these songs to light in such a way as to make them totally relevant to our time, and does so with a passion and style that is guaranteed to captivate and inspire the reader to look inward and know that silent inner space.
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Excerpt from: The Path of Love, Chapter 1
"Kabir is not for renunciation; he’s all for celebration – one thing. The second thing Kabir says: Life is in community. Life is a communion, so don’t try to escape from the world, and don’t try to remain in a solitary life, because the richness is in the community; you are enriched by the community, by your relationships. The more you are related to people, the more you are rich. A solitary person living in a Himalayan cave is very poor, impoverished – because rivers of relationships don’t flow in him; he becomes a desert.

"Each time somebody looks into you, a river flows in. Each time somebody shakes hands with you, an energy moves into you. Each time there is a contact, you gain something. When you drop out of all contacts, out of all relationship, and you become a solitary monk in a Himalayan cave, you have almost committed suicide. You are only one percent alive. Just because you breathe, you are alive. This is a sort of death: you are living at the minimum, you are not living at all; you are living very grudgingly, you are living very reluctantly; you are living with a deep complaint that you don’t want to live and you have been forced to live. You don’t want this world at all, the rainbows and the trees and the stars and the people… No, you don’t want to relate with anybody.

"When you don’t want to relate with anybody, your contact with the divine is diminished, terribly diminished. When you come into relationship with a man, or with a tree, or with an animal, you are coming in contact with godliness in different forms.

"Kabir says: To be in the community is the only way to be really alive. Relationship is life, and relationship is beautiful.

"The third thing Kabir says: Don’t make religion a ritual. Ritual is a way of avoiding religion. Religion should be spontaneous, non-ritualistic. You should do it because you love doing it – not that it is a duty – and you should do it only spontaneously, when your heart feels like it. There is no need to go to the mosque or to the temple every day. There is no need to pray every day in the same way again and again – because if you repeat the same prayer every day you will not repeat it consciously, it will become mechanical." Osho
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