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This title contains chapter 16 to 30 of the original series: From Ignorance to Innocence

Osho eBook: The Magic of Self-Respect (Sony , Nook , Kindle , iBook)


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The Magic of Self-Respect

Awakening to Your Own Awareness
So much of the experience of everyday life, says Osho in this insightful guide, is shaped by religious and social conditioning – and we are not even aware of the fact. We are constantly being pulled away from the unique nature that is our birthright. In place of that original and unique self, a false self called the ego is constructed that eventually gains control of our creativity, our ideas about what it means to be successful, our relationships, and our very experience of who we are.

At the same time, he argues, the collection of egos known as society shapes our political, educational, and religious institutions, which in turn combine to force the same old patterns onto new generations. In this book, Osho shows how to discard these old patterns in favor of a new and nurturing trinity of watchfulness, awareness, and alertness.
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    # 1: Innocence Is Power
    # 2: Jesus, the Only Forgotten Son of God
    # 3: One God, One Messenger, One Book-one Big Lie
    # 5: Enlightened Organization Is Organic Harmony
    # 6: Personality – the Carbon Cop-out
    # 7: The Distillation of Rebellious Spirits
    # 8: Conscience – a Coffin for Consciousness
    # 9: Imitation Is Your Cremation
    # 10: Jesus – the Only Savior Who Nearly Saved Himself
    # 11: Watchfulness Awareness Alertness – the Real Trinity
    # 12: Awareness Has Its Own Rewards
    # 13: Science plus Religiousness – the Dynamic Formula for the Future
    # 14: Positive Thinking – Philosophy for Phonies
    # 15: The Magic of Self Respect
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Excerpt from: The Magic of Self-Respect, Chapter 1
"You can either be a person who is a coward, afraid, ready to submit, surrender, a person who has himself no dignity, no respect for his own being – or you can be fearless. But then you are going to be a rebel, you cannot avoid that.
Either you can be a man of faith or you can be a rebellious spirit. So those people who don’t want you to be rebels – because your being rebellious goes against their interests – go on enforcing, conditioning your mind with Christianity, with Judaism, with Mohammedanism, with Hinduism, and they keep you trembling deep inside." Osho
In deze titel Osho spreekt over de volgende onderwerpen:

religion... nobody... religious... god... unconscious... science... individuality... mahavira... bodhidharma... alexander...

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