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Osho Video - Individual Talk: Jealousy Means Living in Comparison (DVD)


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Jealousy Means Living in Comparison

Osho shares his unique insights on jealousy – an emotion which affects everybody – in relationships and in many other areas of our lives. He points out that jealousy is a symptom that has its origin in our educational system and upbringing; the underlying concept being comparison. Osho encourages us to drop jealousy, competitiveness and comparison which will allows us to see that people are simply unique. By dropping comparison we find self-respect, integrity and individual authenticity.
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"Listening meditatively means all that is is accepted, welcomed. In all its multiplicity the universe is received. You are simply open from all sides to all that is happening. And you will be surprised. It brings such a great silence, such exquisite silence, such profound silence."

Osho, Be Still and Know, #1

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Jealousy Means Living in Comparison
Excerpted from: From Personality to Individuality, #4

"Jealousy is not seeing a simple fact that you have been taught to see yourself as inferior to someone, as superior to someone. And you have become so unconscious of it that you are constantly judging people as inferior, as superior, as good, as bad, right, wrong.

"Don't judge.

"Everybody is just himself.

"Accept him as he is.

"But this is possible only if you accept yourself as you are, with no shame, with no feeling of worthlessness.

"The questioner is asking if jealousy means that we have gone too far away from ourselves. Yes. In comparing, you have gone far away in both directions. In one direction there is an unending line of people superior to you; in another direction, another line of people inferior to you and you are in between.

"You have no time to see to yourself. You are constantly struggling to take the place of the man who is ahead of you, and at the same time pushing down the man who is behind you, because he is trying to take your place. He is pulling on your leg just as you are pulling On somebody else's leg. It is a strange chain in which everybody is pulling on everybody else's legs and all are in trouble, all are being stretched."

"Certainly, if you go on in this way being jealous and competitive of everybody around you how can you come to yourself? The world is too big, and there are so many people and you are in competition with everybody... and you are. Somebody has a beautiful face, somebody has beautiful hair, somebody has a beautiful, proportionate body, somebody has a great intellect, somebody is a painter, somebody is a poet.... How are you going to manage? All this, and you alone to compete? You will drive yourself nuts and that is what all of humanity has done.

"Drop competition, drop jealousy.

"It is absolutely pointless.

"It is absolutely a cunning device created by the priests so that you can never be yourself because that is the only thing all the old religions are afraid of.

"If you are yourself you have found contentment, fulfillment, ecstasy.

"Who cares about God then? you are God.

"You have tasted godliness, and within yourself.

"Now you are not even bothered about the emperor; you are not thinking that he is superior to you. How can he be superior to you? You have tasted something of such tremendous dimensions that what that poor fellow.... You can feel sorry for him, but you will not feel inferior. Even towards a beggar... you will not feel that he is inferior, because you know that what you have found he is also carrying within himself." Osho


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