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One On One With Osho

These are excerpts from rarely seen interviews between Osho and members of the international press.

To Live Joyfully is Natural
Excerpt from an interview with Bill Harlan, Denver Post.

Every Master is a Dangerous Person
Excerpt from an interview with Christ Keizer, The Boston Globe, MA

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"Listen to me as totally as possible. Listening to me, be completely vacant, empty, so that there is no resistance. I can pass through and through you; you become transparent to me. Once the truth-seed falls into you, there is no need to be worried; it sprouts on its own. It brings much fruit on its own. It does not need your help. It simply needs one thing: please don't hinder it."

Osho, Come Follow To You, Vol 4, #6

One On One With Osho
Excerpted from: The Last Testament, Vol.3, #8

"Every religion believes that they are the chosen people of God and everybody else is lower. They somehow tolerate you. I want my people to be absolutely ordinary. There is no question of being chosen and special. In fact, all those ideas are egoistic and against man's growth.

"So it is going to be difficult for them, but every growth is difficult. And inner growth is the most difficult thing because you have to leave many things out as you move in. Finally everything is left: the body, the mind, the heart. Then only you come to the center of the cyclone. Then you come to know yourself. And that realization to me is religiousness.

"It does not make you a Christian, it does not make you a Hindu, but it gives you a certain quality which I call religiousness.

"I can call it godliness." Osho


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