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The Eternal Quest

An introduction to Osho′s vision for those whose material needs are fulfilled, and who are now aching to discover something beyond learning the knack of social and psychological adjustment.

Religiousness is the last luxury, says Osho. Western-style psychotherapy can at the most help people to live in "normal insanity." And once all material needs are fulfilled, something in us still aches for more – for freedom, expansion, bliss.

The 120 questions and responses in The Eternal Quest are about this search for more, with all its peaks and pitfalls. It is vital to ask genuine, basic questions if we want real answers, and Osho has a mercilessly compassionate way of dealing with those who have not understood the point.

Inspiring, profound and playful, these talks cover everything from the science behind OSHO Dynamic Meditation to why we suffer in love and life.

"If you can ask a foundational question from the very heart of your being, the answer will come to you even if there is no one there – the vacuum will create the answer, existence itself will give you the answer?.

Try to formulate some problem which comes from you, not from the society, not from your teachers, not from your upbringing – just from you.

This is a meditation. This finding out is a meditation." Osho
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Excerpt from: The Eternal Quest, Chapter 3
"There are as many paths as there are minds. And each mind requires a particular path and each method is true for a particular person. No method is true as such or false as such. It depends on the person to whom it is to be applied. So yoga is basically individual.

"Whenever a society changes, mind changes. We have been devising new methods for the new mind. All the old methods were developed for a particular mind that no longer exists in the world.

"For example, Buddhist methods were developed for a particular mind that Buddha was encountering. Now, that mind no longer exists and those methods have become useless. A new mind has come into being. The mind that Buddha was facing and working with was basically based on faith. The whole training of the Indian mind was based on faith; doubt was nowhere allowed.

"Now, all over the world, the modern mind is based on doubt, because the whole scientific approach uses doubt as the original source, and a mind cannot be scientific unless it can doubt to the very end. Doubt is basic for the scientific approach. Now we have trained all minds in doubt. Those methods that were based on faith have become useless. They cannot be used for the modern mind.

"We have to devise new methods for the modern mind based on doubt, on experimentation, with no basic condition of faith. In each age, new devices are needed. All devices can only be used for a certain time.

"My method is more scientific and less religious. It leads to a religious experience, but the method itself is more scientific than religious, more psychological than spiritual, because the modern mind only accepts the body and the mind. The spiritual realm is taken as a romantic fallacy, so you cannot start anything from the spiritual viewpoint; at the most, you can start something from the psychological. So my method is more psychological than spiritual. It leads ultimately to the spiritual dimension but it starts from psychology.

"We have been doing much with the human mind, particularly in the West. The religious traditions – Jewish, Christian, Islam and now even Hindu – have all been suppressive, they have been suppressing mind. Now we have layers of suppressions, and unless those layers are released, thrown out, exhaled, nothing can be done toward the inner journey. So my method works with catharsis. The first, basic thing is to go through a catharsis. Unless your repressed mind is released, you cannot proceed further." Osho
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