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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: God Is Dead: Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth (mp3)


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God Is Dead: Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth

Osho puts the finishing touches to his portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche with answers to questions on the work, vision and madness of this controversial philosopher. It is a perfect companion to Osho′s two-volume Zarathustra series.
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Excerpt from: God is Dead: Now Zen is the Only Living Truth, Chapter 1: God: The Imaginary Puppeteer
"The series is dedicated to Friedrich Nietzsche, who was the first man in the history of mankind to declare: "God is dead, therefore man is free."

"It was a tremendous statement; its implications are many. First I would like to discuss Nietzsche’s statement.

"All the religions believe that God created the world and also mankind. But if you are created by someone, you are only a puppet, you don’t have your own soul. And if you are created by somebody, he can uncreate you any moment. He neither asked you whether you wanted to be created, nor is he going to ask you: ‘Do you want to be uncreated?’

"God is the greatest dictator, if you accept the fiction that he created the world and also created mankind. If God is a reality, then man is a slave, a puppet. All the strings are in his hands, even your life. Then there is no question of any enlightenment. Then there is no question of there being any Gautam the Buddha, because there is no freedom at all. He pulls the strings, you dance; he pulls the strings, you cry; he pulls the strings, you start murders, suicide, war. You are just a puppet and he is the puppeteer.

"Then there is no question of sin or virtue, no question of sinners and saints. Nothing is good and nothing is bad, because you are only a puppet. A puppet cannot be responsible for its actions. Responsibility belongs to someone who has the freedom to act.

"Either God can exist or freedom, both cannot exist together.

"That is the basic implication of Friedrich Nietzsche’s statement: God is dead, therefore man is free.

"No theologian, no founder of religions thought about this, that if you accept God as the creator, you are destroying the whole dignity of consciousness, of freedom, of love. You are taking all responsibility from man, and you are taking all his freedom away. You are reducing the whole of existence to just the whim of a strange fellow called God.

"But Nietzsche’s statement is bound to be only one side of the coin. He is perfectly right, but only about one side of the coin. He has made a very significant and meaningful statement, but he has forgotten one thing, which was bound to happen because his statement is based on rationality, logic and intellect. It is not based on meditation.

"Man is free, but free for what? If there is no God and man is free, that will simply mean man is now capable of doing anything, good or bad; there is nobody to judge him, nobody to forgive him. This freedom will be simply licentiousness.

"There comes the other side. You remove God and you leave man utterly empty. Of course, you declare his freedom, but to what purpose? How is he going to use his freedom creatively, responsibly? How is he going to avoid freedom being reduced to licentiousness?

"Friedrich Nietzsche was not aware of any meditations–that is the other side of the coin. Man is free, but his freedom can only be a joy and a blessing to him if he is rooted in meditation. Remove God–that is perfectly okay, he has been the greatest danger to human freedom–but give man also some meaning and significance, some creativity, some receptivity, some path to find his eternal existence. Zen is the other side of the coin.

"Zen does not have any God, that’s its beauty.

"But it has a tremendous science to transform your consciousness, to bring so much awareness to you that you cannot commit evil. It is not a commandment from outside, it comes from your innermost being. Once you know your center of being, once you know you are one with the cosmos–and the cosmos has never been created, it has been there always and always, and will be there always and always, from eternity to eternity–once you know your luminous being, your hidden Gautam Buddha, it is impossible to do anything wrong, it is impossible to do anything evil, it is impossible to do any sin." Osho
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