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Osho Audiobooks - Series of Talks: The Perfect Master, Vol. 2 (mp3)


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The Perfect Master, Vol. 2

This volume, comprising Osho′s commentary on Sufi stories and responses to questions, is a must for everyone in search of their own inner master.

You may ask: "What is the need for any master, perfect or otherwise?" The concept of a spiritual master and a disciple is still rarely understood by the Western mind. Yet many people are seeking, and only very rarely does someone make it without the help of a master. This volume, comprising Osho′s commentary on Sufi stories and responses to questions, is a must for everyone in search of their own inner master.
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Excerpt from: The Perfect Master,Volume 2, Chapter 1
"Sufism is experimentation for a certain experience. It is not a path of belief but of knowing, experiencing. It is existential. Experience of what? Experience of oneself. It is not speculation for speculation’s sake. It has a methodology which yields the most sublime experience of all – call it God, nirvana, moksha, liberation, or what you will, it is the most sublime experience of them all. It is the greatest experience in life. And without this experience, nobody ever feels any contentment, cannot feel. We are meant to attain to this experience. This is our potential: it has to become actual. This is our seed: it has to bloom in all its color and fragrance. And unless the seed has become the tower we will remain uneasy, uncomfortable, hankering for something, not knowing exactly what. Searching, groping…

"Man remains groping and searching. And the search ends only with God and never otherwise. What is God? The experience of your own innermost core. God is not there! God is here inside your heart, pulsating, breathing, aware. God is very close by.

"Ramana Maharshi says: self-knowledge is an easy thing the easiest thing there is. Because it is so close! It is already there, it has always been there. Just a look, just a turning-in, and you are no more a beggar, and you have attained to emperor hood, and you are enthroned, and you are crowned, and you are a king. Just a look within…. But this is what Sufis say. Ramana is a Sufi.

"I am using the word Sufi in the widest meaning of the word. Buddha is a Sufi, Jesus is a Sufi, Ramana is a Sufi. By Sufi, I mean one who is fed up with philosophies and has started searching for the real, who is no more satisfied with synthetic food and who searches for the real nourishment.

"Ramana says: Self-knowledge is as easy a thing as any - the easiest thing there is. But just in contrast to it, listen to this sentence from Immanuel Kant, a great philosopher: Metaphysics is a call to reason to undertake anew the most difficult of all tasks, namely that of self–knowledge." Osho
Neste título, Osho fala sobre os seguintes tópicos:

sense... energy... self... meaning... knowledge... disappears... freedom... moses... narada... zusiya...

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