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Love Needs No Time

Track #5 of the Series, The Perfect Master, Vol. 2

"Truth can be approached in two ways: one is logic, another is love. And both are diametrically opposite to each other They speak different languages. They are untranslatable Logic cannot make itself comprehensible to love, and vice versa.

"Love looks illogical to logic, irrational, a little bit mad. Logic looks irrelevant to love, because it goes round and round but never penetrates the reality. Love thinks about logic as a futile exercise, a gymnastics of the mind, a game – but to no purpose because it leads nowhere. It is non-conclusive. It is just chasing your own tail. You can go on chasing for ever and ever, you can become very much obsessed by it, but ultimately your hands remain empty. You have not arrived.

"Love and logic have to be understood."
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Osho continues:
"If you don't understand them rightly, their methods, their approaches, their visions, you will remain confused.

"Logic is very convincing – and there is the danger of it. It is convincing and yet non-conclusive. It gives an appearance, it pretends. It is knowledge, information, but never wisdom. And only wisdom liberates.

"Love cannot convince you. It is unconvincing, because it is vague, it is cloudy, it is a mystery. It is not a syllogism. It cannot appeal to your mind – but it can satisfy your being. It can quench your thirst. It can give you all that you need. It can nourish. This is the problem.

"The nourishing love is illogical, and the pseudo food of logic is very convincing. And these are the two things which make philosophy and religion separate. It is here that philosophy and religion part ways.

"You will be surprised to know that the word Sufism comes from the same root as philosophy. Both come from the same root, from suf, Sufism, sophia, philosophy. But the meaning is not only different but diametrically opposite. Sufism is not a philosophy, and philosophy has nothing of the beauty of Sufism in it. What happened? We have to understand man's inner structure.

"Mind is divided into two hemispheres. One hemisphere thinks, is logical. The other hemisphere loves, intuits, is not logical. One hemisphere proceeds methodologically. The other hemisphere jumps…without any methodology. It takes quantum leaps. One hemisphere is always a continuous track. The other is a discontinuity.

"Your left-side brain is logical – prose, male, aggressive, violent, ambitious. Your right-side brain is feminine – non-ambitious, poetic, aesthetic. Your right hand is connected with the left hemisphere, and your left hand is collected with the right hemisphere. That's why the right hand has become so important.

"The right hand has become so important because we have made logic the king. The left hand is neglected, ignored, is thought to be lower, in the East is thought to be almost untouchable. Why? The question is not of the hands – deep down the question is about the division of your brain.

"The right hand seems to be right, and the left hand seems to be wrong."
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