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Track #29 of the Series, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui

One Suchness

"It is a special dimension Gautam Buddha has opened up. Nobody before him has ever talked about suchness. It contains so much that it has to be understood in its totality. If you have understood suchness in its totality, there remains nothing else to understand.

"The mind is always questioning, doubting, deciding what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is false. In other words, the mind is always in a division and in a conflict. In yet other words, the mind is not at ease with existence.

"Suchness means to be at ease with existence. The trees are green and the roses are red – what can you do? There are murderers and there are great saints. If you don't distinguish, if you simply accept the fact that this is so – one tree is tall and one is small, existence allows all varieties, expresses itself in diverse ways – if you are at ease with it all, with the saint, with the sinner, you have attained buddhahood."
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Osho continues:
"If you have no condemnation for the sinner and no admiration for the saint, you have transcended both – you have come to one suchness. The world of two, the world of dualities, has dropped away from you.

"And the moment the world of two, the world of dualities, is no more there, where are you? Where is your mind? Where is your ego? They are all gone in a single blow of the sword. Suddenly the whole existence becomes part of your heartbeat, and your heartbeat becomes the heartbeat of the whole universe. Then birds start singing, and it is not the birds, but you. Then the trees stand in silence – it is not the trees, but you. Then the sunlit peaks of the Himalayas and the tidal waves of the oceans are no more objects; they are your very subjectivity.

"This state Buddha calls 'one suchness.' There is no need of any God; there is no need of a certain code of morality, there is no need of any sense of right and wrong. Who are you to decide? – you are simply here to rejoice and to join in the dance. In this dance the sinner is as much a part as the saint. Just think of a world without sinners, and it will be so boring, so utterly dry, just a desert, unending.

"Life as it is…this faraway cuckoo calling you is your own heart. Once this is not only a theory but an experience – that you start dancing with the wind when the trees dance, that you start blossoming with the flowers when they open their petals, that when suddenly a cuckoo calls it is your own song – then there is no question of discrimination: right is right, and so is wrong.

"The ultimate experience of consciousness is that this whole drama needs contradictions. If you take away days, nights will be very poor. If you take away nights, days will be very tiring. They appear to our mind as contradictories, but in existence they are complementaries. It is just the pendulum of the clock moving from one extreme to another. Seeing the saint and the sinner as two points between which the pendulum goes on moving, you drop all admiration for the saint and you drop all condemnation for the sinner."
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