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Osho Book: Glimpses of a Golden Childhood


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Glimpses of a Golden Childhood

The Rebellious Childhood of a Great Enlightened One
An all-time favorite in which Osho recalls his rebellious and mischievous childhood. A wonderful series of anecdotes and stories that include tales of the artists, musicians, magicians and enlightened beings who befriended him as a child.

This is a very special volume because rather than responding to questions and sutras, Osho is simply sharing his enlightened consciousness as he recalls his rebellious and mischievous childhood through fascinating, entertaining and inspiring stories.

This edition also includes many beautiful, rare, and intimate photos of the ordinary daily activities of an enlightened mystic.

"My childhood was certainly golden – not a symbol, absolutely golden; not poetically, but literally, factually."
Livro - Detalhes Livro Títulos
OSHO Media International
185 x 210 mm
    Session 1 to 40
Excerpt from: Glimpses of a Golden Childhood, Session 25
"I love stories, and all this started with my Nani. She was a lover of stories too. Not that she used to tell me stories, just the contrary; she used to provoke me to tell her stories, all kinds of stories and gossips. She listened so attentively that she made me into a story teller. Just for her I would find something interesting, because she would wait the whole day just to listen to my story. If I could not find anything, then I would invent. She is responsible: all credit or blame, whatsoever you call it, goes to her. I invented stories to tell her just so she would not be disappointed, and I can promise you that I became a successful story teller just for her sake.

"I started winning in competitions when I was just a child in primary school, and that continued to the very end, when I left university. I collected so many prizes, medals and cups and shields and whatnot, that my grandmother became just a young girl again. Whenever she would bring someone to show them my prizes and awards, she was no longer an old woman, she became almost young again. Her whole house became almost a museum because I went on sending her my prizes. Up till high school, of course, I was almost a resident in her house. It was just for courtesy’s sake that I used to visit my parents in the daytime; but the night was hers, because that was the time to tell the stories.

"I can still see myself by the side of her bed, with her listening so attentively to what I was saying. Each word uttered by me was absorbed by her as if it were of immense value. And it became valuable just because she took it in with so much love and respect. When it had knocked on my door it was just a beggar, but when it entered into her house, it was no longer the same person. The moment she called me, saying, ‘Raja! Now tell me what happened to you today – the whole thing. Promise me you will not leave out anything at all,’ the beggar dropped all that made him look like a beggar; now he was a king. Every day I had to promise her, and even though I told her everything that happened, she would insist, ‘Tell me something more,’ or ‘Tell me that one again.’

"Many times I said to her, ‘You will spoil me; both you and Shambhu Babu are spoiling me forever.’ And they really did their job well. I collected hundreds of awards. There was not a single high school in the whole state where I had not spoken and won – except once. Only once had I not been the winner, and the reason was simple. Everybody was amazed, even the girl who had won, ‘because’, she said to me, ‘it is impossible to think I could win against you.’

"The whole hall – and there must have been at least two thousand students – became full of a great humming, and everybody was saying that it was unfair, even the principal who was presiding over the contest. Losing that cup became very significant to me; in fact, if I had not lost that cup, I would have been in great trouble. Of that I will tell you when the time comes.

"The principal called me and said, ‘I am sorry, you are certainly the winner,’ – and he gave his own watch to me saying, &qlslquo;This is far more costly than the cup which was given to that girl.’ And it certainly was. It was a gold watch. I have received thousands of watches, but I have never again received such a beautiful one; it was a real masterpiece. That principal was very interested in rare things, and his watch was a rare piece. I can still see it.…" Osho
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