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The Man of Truth

A Majority of One
Osho – who has been described by the international press as "an oracle of modern times," yet who describes himself as simply an "ordinary man" – responds to questions from the world’s media.
Included in this book is a DVD of an incomparable press interview.

Osho responds to questions from the worlds media.

Facing the most remarkable interviewee they are ever likely to meet, a few journalists are seen to flounder as they sense they are losing their grip on the proceedings. But many become fascinated and delighted by the realization that they are spending precious time with a unique and extraordinarily ordinary being who is sharing his inimitable vision of world events, human relationships, and the art of being a seeker whilst living in the thick of the challenges of the contemporary world.

"That’s what I have been doing all my life: standing all alone – the majority of one against the whole world. And the reason why I can manage to be against the whole world is because I have found my own life source. I don’t depend on anyone. I don’t need any admiration, any compliments, any rewards, any Nobel Prizes. I am enough unto myself."

Osho, Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Livro - Detalhes Livro Títulos
OSHO Media International
143 x 209 mm
With DVD
    # 1: An Ordinary Man
    # 2: Come Again and Again
    # 3: No God but Godliness
    # 4: America Is a Hypocrite
    # 5: You Are Alive
    # 6: Live it, Enjoy it
    # 7: You Are Your Own Authority
    # 8: The Intelligent Way
    # 9: Here Now
    # 10: A Man Like Me Cannot Be Ignored
    # 11: God Is the Greatest Lie
    # 12: The Value of Freedom
    # 13: Don?t Believe in Me
    # 14: An Unwelcome Guest
    # 15: A Worldwide Phenomenon
Excerpt from: The Man of Truth, Chapter 1
What is it to enjoy life and not worry about tomorrow?

"There is no tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow, you cannot stop worrying about it. Tomorrow never comes, it is a process of worrying. Nor is there any yesterday. One is no more, one is not yet. All that is in our hands is the present moment, now, here. And this is a miraculous experience. If there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, and this very moment you are silent, all worrying disappears. All imagining, dreaming, projecting disappears.

"And it is not that you have to enjoy this moment. That rejoicing arises out of this moment. But you are never here, you are always somewhere else. You are never in the now, you are always then. Otherwise, everything is available but you are absent. I want my people to understand a very simple fact – not a philosophy, something existential, not philosophical – be present to this moment and then see what happens." Osho

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