Osho Book: The Message Beyond Words


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The Message Beyond Words

A Dialogue with the Lord of Death
The Kathopanishad is the ancient Indian scripture that has been used much like the Tibetan Bardo, to help the dying on their way. This Upanishad tells the story of a small boy, Nachiketa, who is sent by his father to Yama, the Lord of Death. With his innocent and sincere questions, the boy learns from Yama the deepest secrets of death and immortality. Osho’s commentary on this mysterious and touching story brings light and clarity to an inevitability that touches us all.
Livro - Detalhes Livro Títulos
OSHO Media International
140 x 203 mm
    # 1: Death Is the Master
    # 2: The Thirst for the Deathless
    # 3: Worthy of Truth
    # 4: Alight with the Inner Fire
    # 5: Never Born, Never Dies
    # 6: The One, Indivisible
    # 7: The Flowering of Godliness
    # 8: Dissolved in the Universal Soul
    # 9: This, Is That
    # 10: The One Reality
    # 11: None Can Transcend It
    # 12: This Direct Knowing
    # 13: Freedom From Birth and Death
    # 14: The Great Death
    # 15: Religion Is Desirelessness
    # 16: A Trusting Heart
    # 17: The Deathless One
Excerpt from: The Message Beyond Words, Chapter 1
"The Upanishads are unique scriptures on this Earth about the mysteries of life, and the Kathopanishad is unique amongst all the Upanishads. Before we enter into this Upanishad, it will be good to understand the inner current that is underlying this Kathopanishad.

"The first thing is that in this world, one who wants to know life must himself go through the experience of death. Except for this there is no other way.

"To know life one has to learn the art of dying. And the one who is afraid of death will remain unacquainted with life also, because death is the innermost and the most mysterious center of life. Only those who enter into death consciously, with awareness and a welcoming heart, can know this life." Osho
Neste título, Osho fala sobre os seguintes tópicos:

energy... soul... sound... sex... effort... misery... moment... nachiketa... yama... uddalaka...

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