Osho Book: Nowhere To Go but In


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Nowhere To Go but In

Unique Answers to Real Questions
Osho guides people away from asking superficial "religious" and intellectual questions to opening up and exposing themselves in real questions.

These days, where spirituality is on everyone’s mind, it is difficult to distinguish between borrowed words and jargon and sincere existential questions from people who are trying to understand themselves and their lives.

In this book you will see how Osho guides people away from asking superficial "religious" and intellectual questions to opening up and exposing themselves in real questions.

His answers are not academic, they do not fill us with secondhand knowledge, but provide existential responses that take us to a new level. From this place we can start living from our own understanding and experience.

"The answer lies in becoming free of our mind. Until the mind drops, the questioning will continue. You are in your minds, and so I ask you to go on asking. This is not going to solve anything for you directly, but an indirect solution can become available?."
Livro - Detalhes Livro Títulos
OSHO Media International
185 x 210 mm
    # 1: The Great Illusion
    # 2: Meditation: The Razor?s Edge
    # 3: The One, Undivided
    # 4: Don't Throw Responsibility
    # 5: Read between the Lines
    # 6: Either This or That
    # 7: First the Thirst
    # 8: The Blinkers of the"I"
    # 9: The Business of Isness
    # 10: Mentation and Meditation
    # 11: Mysticism: Conscious Anarchy
    # 12: The Ultimate Intercourse
    # 13: In – The Only Way Out
    # 14: The Ecology of the Inner
    # 15: You Need to Wake Up
    # 16: The Only Miracle
Excerpt from: Nowhere To Go but In, Chapter 7
"Love and meditation are two sides of the same coin.

"Meditation and love are names of the same door seen from two different places. Seen from the outside, the door is called love. Seen from the inside it is called meditation. It is just like a door labeled ‘Entrance’ on one side and ‘Exit’ on the other; the same door serves both purposes. So if you arrive at the door from the outside, the label is love; if you arrive from the inside, the label is meditation.

"Meditation is becoming filled with love in your own aloneness, and love is the art of slipping into meditation with the other." Osho
"Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness."

The Dalai Lama

"Osho is a mystical giant, a flowering of a unique intelligence and one of those rare humans ex-pressing himself with joy."

Paul Reps, author of Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
Neste título, Osho fala sobre os seguintes tópicos:

bliss... sleep... existence... love... sex... circle... senses... ravana... sita... hotei...

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