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Watch and Wait

"You cannot force things to happen before their time. The spring will come and the flowers will blossom, but you cannot force the spring. The rain will come, the clouds will cover the sky, the whole thirst of the earth will be gone – but you cannot force it, you have to be patient.

"And this is the beauty, that the more patient you are, the quicker is the coming of the spring. If you can be absolutely patient, this very moment spring can come." Osho

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"And if you are listening to me without thinking about getting something out of it, then you can be relaxed; then you can allow me to be in communion with you and your consciousness will not be narrowed. Then it is open– playing, enjoying."

Osho, Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy, Preface

Watch and Wait
Excerpted from: The Hidden Splendorl, #25

There is a confusion in me that keeps coming again and again. The message I have got from you more and more is to relax with myself, to watch and wait, but I also feel this urgency to wake up now; and then another part screams, 'But how?' What do I need to do? Do I need to 'push' myself through this wall? Could you make this clear to me?

"Mind is confusion; it is not that you are in confusion. And there is no way for the mind to be not in confusion. Mind's whole structure is based on confusion.

"Mind is a duality; it is always split. There is no single point on which the mind agrees in totality. Half of the mind will agree and half of the mind will disagree, and whatever you choose, you are choosing only the half. The remaining half is going to take revenge. The unchosen part, the left over, will wait for its chance to show you that whatever you have chosen is wrong. But it does not matter which part you choose. Choice itself is wrong.

"So the first thing to be understood is that there is no mind which has ever been without confusion.

"One very learned American rabbi, Joshua Liebman, has written a book, Peace of Mind. It is one of the best-sellers: Liebman is a good writer, and the book is well presented.

"I wrote him a letter, asking, 'Have you ever considered that peace of mind has never existed? Peace of mind is intrinsically impossible. Peace happens only when mind is not. It is not peace of mind; it is peace beyond mind.'

"It is almost like a lotus flower: it grows in mud and water; it is a miracle of nature that out of dirty mud and water it brings out one of the most beautiful flowers in existence. But mud and water are not the lotus flower. The lotus flower blossoms only when the lotus plant has gone beyond the mud, beyond the water, has transcended both then it opens up to the sun, to the sky, and releases its fragrance to the wind. Although it comes from the mud, it is not mud anymore. It is transcendence.

"The same is true about peace. Mind is muddy; all kinds of relevant and irrelevant thoughts are jumbled there. It is a crowd, with so many fragments fighting with each other that you can call it a battleground. Mind cannot be at peace. But you can go beyond mind because you are not the mind. You can transcend and become a lotus flower. And then there is peace, there is beauty, there is bliss, and all that you have always dreamt about but have had no experience of.

"I will read your question: 'There is a confusion in me that keeps coming again and again.' Unless you resolve it, it does not have to come, it is always there. It is only that whenever you are unoccupied, it surfaces. It does not go and come, it is embedded in your mind." Osho


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