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Talk #5 of The Essence of Yoga was originally published as: Yoga, The Alpha and the Omega, Vol.6, #5

Osho Audiobook - Selected Indiviudal Talk: Mind and Body Are Not Two Things (mp3)


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Mind and Body Are Not Two Things

Track #5 of the Series, The Essence of Yoga

Patanjali, the founder of ancient Yoga, has laid out a fascinating understanding of body and mind. Osho brings this ancient system into a contemporary understanding, creating a holistic approach to health and meditation.
Аудиокниги - Подробности Talk from the original series: The Essence of Yoga, #5
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"I am not dividing mind and body in two. They are two aspects of the same phenomenon. Mind and body are not two things. In fact to say ‘mind and body’ is not good: ‘mind-body’ will be the right expression. Your body is a psychosomatic phenomenon. Mind is the subtlest part of the body, and body is the grossest part of the mind. And they both affect each other; they run parallel. If you are suppressing something in the mind, the body will start a suppressing journey. If the mind releases everything, the body also releases everything." Osho
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Osho continues:
"When the body is pure, you will see tremendous new energies arising, new dimensions opening before you, new doors suddenly opening, new possibilities. Body has much hidden power. Once it is released, you will not be able to believe it, that the body carried so many things in it, and so close.

"And every sense has a hidden sense behind it. Eyes have a hidden eyesight, an insight behind them. When the eyes are pure, clean, then you don't see things only as they are on the surface. You start seeing their depth. A new dimension opens. Right now when you see a person you don't see his aura; you just see his physical body. The physical body is surrounded by a very subtle aura. A diffused light surrounds the body. And everybody's body is surrounded by a different color aura. The moment your eyes are clean you can see the aura; and by seeing the aura you know many things about the man that you cannot know in any other way. And the man cannot deceive you, it is impossible, because his aura reveals his being.

"Somebody comes with an aura of dishonesty and he tries to convince you that he is a very honest man: the aura cannot deceive, because that man cannot control the aura. That is not possible. The dishonest aura has a different color. The aura of an honest man has a different color. The aura of a pure man is pure white. The more impure a man, the more white moves towards gray. The more impure, it moves still more towards black. The aura of a man who is absolutely dishonest is absolutely black. The aura of a confused man changes; it is never the same. Even if you go on looking for just a few minutes, you will see the aura is changing. The man is confused. He himself is not settled in what he is. He is a changing aura.

"A man who is meditative has a very silent quality to the aura, a calmness, a coolness around him. The man who is in deep anxiety, turmoil, tension, has the same quality to the aura also. The man who is very tense may try smiling, may create a face, may have a mask, but when he comes to you his aura will show the reality.

"And the same happens with the ears also. Just as eyes have a deep insight, the ears have a deep hearing quality. Then you don't hear what the man is saying, but rather, you hear the music. You don't bother about the words that he is using, but the tone, but the rhythm of his voice... an inner quality of the voice which says many things which words cannot deceive, cannot change. The man may be trying to be very polite, but his rudeness will be in his sound. The man may be trying to be very graceful, but his sound will show his ungracefulness. The man may be trying to show his certainty, but his sound will show the... the hesitant quality.

"And if you can hear the very sound, and if you can see the aura, and if you can feel the quality of the being that is near you, you become capable of many things. And these are very simple things. They start happening once the austerity starts." Osho

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