FAQs about the Meditation Resort

FAQs about the Meditation Resort

FAQs about the Meditation Resort

Is this an ashram?

What can I expect to get out of my stay?

What kind of people are here?

Why do people come?

Do I need any special experience to come here?

Is there some kind of membership?

Do I need to join something?

What is the point of wearing maroon robes?

Why the HIV/AIDS tests?

Where can I stay?


How can meditation influence my life?

What is the point of all the different meditations?

Is Osho a guru?

What about kids?

Who is Osho?

Is there a way to join the program even for a few days?

Can I just come in and look around?

What additional items should I plan to bring with me?

Do you have lockers where I can leave my personal belongings?

I hear there is a bank and travel agent on campus?

What are my options to access Wi-Fi and the Internet?

Are there any guidelines about the use of mobile/cell phones and cameras?

Am I free to leave the resort whenever I choose?

Is the neighborhood where the Meditation Resort is located safe?

I want to connect to other meditators / I want to stay in touch after my visit.

Are there Osho centers in my country?

Can I read all this information in my own language?

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