FAQ About the Meditation Resort

FAQ About the Meditation Resort



What can I expect to get out of my stay?

Above all, a taste of relaxation — and fun — in a beautiful environment… Plus, there is simply no better place to experience adding awareness to your life. If you are new to meditation, you can try out any of the methods in the Osho Auditorium  meditation program. For example, experimenting with Osho Dynamic Meditation along with hundreds of others at 6 o'clock in the morning is a stunning start to the day! The program ranges from traditional Vipassana to other Active Meditations such as dance meditations and Osho Kundalini. 

Or you can participate in any of literally hundreds of Osho Multiversity  courses and workshops, designed to help bridge the individual from mind to no-mind. The highlight of the day is the  evening meeting, of dance, celebration, and silence -- a unique opportunity to experience, "alertness with no effort," the essence of the meditative experience.

You can also consider one of Meditation Resort Living In Programs so you can immerse yourself more fully in the Meditation Resort Experience in different ways. For more information, you can go  here.


What kind of people are here?

There is really no way to classify the people here. They come from over one hundred countries, from every walk of life and all ages. The average age is around the mid-thirties. While the majority of visitors have university degrees, when it comes to no-mind, this is not much help! Also it is good to know that over 50% of the visitors are here for the first time -- so if you think everyone else knows one another, they don't.


Why do people come?

Some people come because they hear of the resort’s sheer enjoyment of life, while others come to do specific courses at Osho Multiversity, and still others come just by chance while in India. As the world's largest meditation and personal-growth center the meditation resort naturally attracts a wide variety of people. 

Based on a vision of a new humanity, the Osho meditation resort is an opportunity to develop the natural qualities of "Zorba the Buddha" -- someone whose feet are firmly on the ground but who can also touch the stars, someone who loves to sing and dance but who also loves silence. Or, as the author Tom Robbins puts it, "someone who knows the value of the Dhamma and the Deutsche Mark." You will find both these elements here, and every color of the rainbow in between. Whoever you are, whatever your interests, there is space in this garden for you to enjoy and to flower. The experience is the thing.


Do I need any special experience to come here?



Is there some kind of membership?

No. There is nothing to be a member of, nothing to belong to. You may hear people talk about initiation into "sannyas." This is a completely personal issue. After a lifetime's habit of living as "Mary Jane," taking another name can be a very valuable way of helping to break that habit -- and making a committment to yourself to put meditation at the top of your laundry list!

Of sannyas, Osho says, "Certainly initiation means you have taken a step into a dangerous life. You have accepted me as your friend in the darkness and you have given your hand with great trust. ...But I have never even interfered in anybody's life. It is just on your part -- I am absolutely out of it. It is your initiation and it is your initiative to offer your life to be transformed. But the whole action and its responsibility is yours.... But unless you take a step with such courage, you are not going to grow."


Do I need to join something?

The only thing to join is yourself. In fact the very idea of "joining something" is completely opposed to what is happening here. Meditation is about learning to be alone. As Osho puts it:
"Aloneness is not only your way to truth, it is everybody's way. It is the only way." 
"My whole work is to demolish, to demolish all the lies that are surrounding you and not to replace them by anything else, but to leave you utterly naked in your aloneness. To me, only in your aloneness will you be able to know the truth -- because you are the truth. You are not to go anywhere to find truth. Neither can Jesus give it to you, nor can Krishna give it to you, nor can Buddha give it to you, nor can I give it to you. It is not a commodity that somebody can just give to you." 

And this takes courage, in fact it can be really scary. The function of this resort is to support you by creating an environment where there are so many others also learning to be alone, that being "alone together" makes things not just easier, but fun too.


What is the point of wearing maroon robes?

Maroon robes are worn during the day and for the meditations. They create a unifying atmosphere and help to keep the attention on the inner rather than the outer. The color maroon, when worn by many people meditating together, adds to the collective meditative energy. And no tricky early morning color-coordination issues to hassle with! Loose robes are very comfortable in this tropical climate and are ideal for meditating, as you don't have to deal with constricting belts and ties and so on.


Why the HIV/AIDS tests?

Osho's approach to Aids is very unusual. From the beginning of the epidemic, before it was even sure that it was of viral origin, Osho was clear that AIDS was more than just "another disease." It had the potential to be a major pandemic. His guidance from those earliest days was to be tested regularly, and to apply all the best scientific measures for safer sex. The Osho approach to sex is also unusual.

HIV/AIDS Tests are done at the Welcome Center on arrival and the results are back within 15 minutes. A negative result is required for entry.


Where can I stay?

The  Osho Guesthouse is now open and is the ideal place to stay. Also you can apply for any of several  Living In programs where you can also remain on campus, close to all the activities without having to deal with rickshaws and traffic. 

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The meditation pass covers entry to the campus from 5:30 am till late at night, plus all the meditations in OSHO Auditorium, the OSHO Teerth Garden and the nightlife.


Entry stickers prices:
This daily entry sticker includes the full-day meditation program and the open-air classes in Buddha Grove. Entry stickers are available to purchase for 1-10 days or for 30 days.

For 1 and 2 day entry stickers: the cost per day is 1360 INR for international visitors and
660 INR for resident Indian nationals.
Buying entry stickers for a minimum of 3-10 days: the cost per day  for internationals is discounted to 816 INR and to 396 INR for resident Indian nationals.

The cost for a 30 days sticker is 24,480 INR for internationals and 11,880 INR for resident Indian nationals.

Discounted 3, 5, and 10 day entry stickers can be purchased and can start the same or the following day.

First time visitors will need to pay 1300 INR for registration, HIV/Aids test, gate pass with digital photo and participation in the Welcome Morning. This does not include the actual daily entry sticker.

The recently renovated spa facility in Basho offers swimming, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, tennis and so on. The charge is 230 INR a day, 80 INR per day for Living In participants. A second visit on the same day is 80 INR.

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Accommodation in general is significantly cheaper during the summer months.

The Meditation Resort serves high-quality vegetarian cuisine as well as more luxury items. Expect to pay around 15,000 to 20,000 INR per month.

The cost of eating out varies. A pizza for two with a beer costs between 11 USD - 17 USD / 8 - 12 EUR, while a meal for two in a smart hotel with wine will set you back about 50 USD / 35 EUR.

So very roughly you can allow around 600 USD - 2,000 USD / 450 - 1,400 EUR a month for food and lodging, depending on your accommodation, plus eating out and shopping, and then whatever courses and workshops you attend at the Multiversity.


How can meditation influence my life?

The root of all tension is "becoming." Someone is born in England and spends their life trying to live up to the game of being a "proper Englishman." Someone else is born in Japan and spends their life trying to live up to the expectations imposed by that environment.

Relaxation can only happen through "being" rather than becoming. That is, being the natural human being that existence is inviting you to be. In other words being yourself.

Through meditation you can gradually peel off the layers of conditionings that society has placed upon you. Slowly the authentic "you" can emerge.

If you want to become a doctor, you go to medical school; if you want to become an engineer, you go to an engineering college, whatever. But where do you go to be yourself? That is what is so unique about the Osho International Meditation Resort.


What is the point of all the different meditations?

Each individual is different, not equal to anyone else but equally unique. And different meditations will click with different people. Ultimately that basic experience of being able to be "alert with no effort" -- whether during an otherwise stressful business meeting, or watching a sunset -- depends on our ability to learn to observe what is happening both within us and around us, dispassionately and silently. This is sometimes called "choiceless awareness."

The best way to learn this "knack" is to find a meditation that resonates with you, that you feel good with, that you enjoy. The Osho Active Meditations are nearly always the best place to start, rather than having the idea that you have to "sit." Then you can experiment with what suits you from the vast range of techniques available here.

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Is Osho a guru?

Not only is Osho not a guru, his whole approach is to demolish the "guru game."

His insight is that deep down we all tend to want someone to tell us what to do -- the "sheep and shepherd" approach. But rather than waiting for someone else to save us, waiting for some Mr. Fixit, like God, to put things right, each individual has to take total responsibility for his or her own life. And with total responsibility comes total freedom.

And about Osho? Perhaps an analogy will help.

Each individual is unique. Each of us has to walk our own journey and no one can do it for us. That journey is inwards and there we will meet no one. No one has gone on that particular, unique journey before, or will again. It is unknown, and may be dark -- and it is easy to get lost. Does it make sense to take a flashlight? Sure it does. But we have to hold on to it, it doesn't hold on to us. It can illuminate the path but it doesn't tell us which direction to take. That is for us to learn, for us to risk. That is the joy of living dangerously.

As Osho explains, "The pilgrimage itself is the goal," and that, "My effort is to leave you alone with meditation, with no mediator between you and existence."


What about kids?

From experience we know that parents who come to Pune together with their children (age 0 ― 18 years) often find it difficult to deal with the situation of giving priority to the child and immersing themselves in the meditation programs for their own growth at the same time.

Osho Meditation Resort is an environment for adults; it does not have adequate facilities for children and minors. In the context of children and parents the resort may be best described as an "adult education" facility. Attending meditations and courses in the resort with the simultaneous responsibility for a child or teenager is difficult. The ideal situation is to come on your own, without children. Then the few days, weeks or months you have available can be poured into your work on yourself, and you will get the most out of your stay. This in turn will benefit your children too.

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Is there a way to join the program even for few days?

Yes, you are welcome to come for as much time as you have. To help you get a feel for what is available at the Meditation Resort, there is a “Welcome Morning.” It includes a tour of the campus, a detailed introduction to the meditations offered, an orientation to the Osho Multiversity programs, and an individual experience of these programs. This program is happening every day, so if you arrive at the Meditation Resort at 9:00 am, you can register immediately and join the Welcome Morning that day. Otherwise you can attend the Welcome Morning the following day.


Can I just come and look around?

Yes, you are welcome to come to see our Osho Multimedia Galleria which you can access from the road near the main gate. It is open from 9 am to 1 pm and between 2 pm - 4 pm. To actually enter the campus you will need to be a participant. If you wish to participate in the Meditation Resort, then you can come to the Welcome Center between 9 am -12.30 am or between 2 am - 3.30 pm so you can register as a participant. You can also visit the Osho Teerth Park without registering at the Welcome Center between 6 am and 9 am and in the afternoon between 3 pm and sunset which is about 6 to 6.30 pm.