Osho Global Connections

Osho Global Connections is the international office for all Osho meditation centers, Osho Institutes, and Osho Information Centers around the world.
This office is available to answer any questions you may have about these centers.
In particular, Osho Global Connections is responsible for granting permission to start an Osho Meditation Center, Osho Institute, or Osho Information Center, and to use the mark “OSHO” in this context. Global Connections provides all the relevant information related to the following:
  • Details of the year-round, Osho Center Leader Trainings at the Osho Meditation Resort, India.
  • Arranges Conferences and Seminars related to the functioning of Osho Centers.
  • The Osho Meditation Center Orientation Handbook, which contains all the existing guidelines regarding the functioning of these entities.
  • Other information that may be needed for specific situations at Osho centers related to specific local situations.
  • Copyright, trademark, and licensing questions regarding Osho Centers
In addition Global Connections:
Stays in touch with the Osho Centers around the world with personal visits, a newsletter, and ongoing correspondence.
Coordinates, liaises with, and lists venues around the globe where Osho Meditations are offered, or where information about Osho activities may be obtained.
Coordinates with individuals who wish to help making the Osho proposal available worldwide.
Answers questions from the general public related to questions about the Osho Meditations, in particular the Osho Active MeditationsTM and places to meditate.
Supports activities to promote Osho Meditations which can be done simultaneously around the globe such as the Global 21-Day Osho Dynamic MeditationTM Project.
For any question in this area, please contact us:
Osho Global Connections
17, Koregaon Park,
Pune 411001 (MS), India,
Tel: +91-20-6601-9999
Fax. +91-20-6601-9990