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OSHO Guesthouse is a beautiful starting place for visitors to the Meditation Resort. The tastefully modern, silent rooms all have have double beds, A/C, fresh air supply and attached bathrooms. Some of them are designed to accommodate people with physical difficulties. As they are almost on top of the Auditorium, it makes Dynamic Meditation at 6am in the morning very hard to resist!
Our Regular Room Rates:
From March 1st, 2014 till October 31st, 2014
Single occupancy Rs.3,000 per night
Double occupancy Rs.3,500 per night
Additional tax 17.42%
We also will offer:

From March 1st, 2014 till October 31st, 2014

OSHO Guesthouse Weekend Package
2 nights / 3 days, starting on a Friday or a Saturday
Single occupancy:  Rs.8,800
Double occupancy:  Rs.12,500
The package includes your stay in OSHO Guesthouse and food vouchers
From November 1st, 2014 till December 15th, 2014
Single occupancy Rs.4,400 per night
Double occupancy Rs.4,900 per night
Additional tax 17.42%
From December 16th, 2014 till February 28th, 2015
Single occupancy Rs.5,900 per night
Double occupancy Rs.6,400 per night
Additional tax 17.42%
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For reservations contact: reservations@osho.com
For more information contact: guesthouse@osho.com
If you would like to stay in the Osho Guesthouse, please fill in the reservation request form: Reservation Form
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