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Living In Programs

Immerse yourself fully in the OSHO experience whenever you have the time:

Five Living In program options are available – from 14 to 30 days minimum.

  • Multiversity Plus – 30 days
    Includes participation in the 21-day OSHO Mystic Rose, or the equivalent of 12 full days in OSHO Multiversity courses, or the equivalent in individual sessions.
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  • Meditation Plus – 14 days
    Your unique, individual, OSHO Experience
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  • Creative Living – Minimum 30 days
    This program is an introduction to work as meditation for people who have not participated in the residential work as meditation program before. This program provides a unique combination of experiences to help you discover the art of living creatively – living life with no artificial divisions between work and playfulness, effort and relaxation.
    It can be booked for three, months together separately in monthly segments.
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  • Returning Work as Meditation – Minimum 30 days
    This is the residential Work as Meditation program for participants who have completed the 3-month Creative Living program. Another unique opportunity to integrate being present and aware, the essence of meditation, in our daily lives, whether “working” or “relaxing.”
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  • Zen Resort Experience – Minimum 30 days
    Experience the Meditation Resort at your leisure, with an optional program guidance service.
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To apply for any of the Living In Programs:  click here
To contact us:  livingin@osho.net

Accommodation in a single occupancy room and your campus entry pass are included.

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