Accomodations Multiversity Plus

Multiversity Plus

Multiversity Plus

This program is for you if you already know that you want to include participation in OSHO Multiversity courses during your 30-day stay.


  • Participation in the 21-day OSHO Mystic Rose process (starting only on the 11th of each month), or the equivalent of 12 full course days in the OSHO Multiversity or the equivalent in idividual sessions.
    A full course day is the regular 9.30am to 4pm day. Additional activities, like night sessions for example are counted accordingly.
  • Accommodation in a single occupancy room
  • Your campus entry pass
    (This includes all meditations in Osho Auditorium and Chuang Tzu, and the open-air classes on Buddha Grove)
  • A program guidance service to help you make the most out of your stay
  • For more details about OSHO Multiversity courses go to  Learn. Please note that some courses have prerequisites in order to qualify for participation

Not included:

  • Food and all extras other than the above
  • Freedom Process
Extension Options Available:
  • A 14-day extension of Multiversity Plus, includes six Multiversity course days or the equivalent in individual sessions.
  • You can also enroll for a second 30-day Multiversity Plus program, or extend your stay on another Living In Program – depending on availability.
Summer Fees from March 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015:
  • 133,400 INR for 30 days
      67,000 INR for a 14-day extension
Fees for Resident Indian Nationals from March 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015:
  • 92,000 INR for 30 days
    46,300 INR for a 14-day extension
This reduced price for resident Indian Nationals reflects the discounted cost of only the following courses:
Osho Mystic Rose
Osho No-Mind
Osho Born Again 
All other activities in the MV are at the international rates. 
Once your application has been accepted a non-refundable deposit, with final confirmation of your arrival date, is due within 5 days to confirm your participation.
To apply:  click here
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