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OSHO Teerth Park

Osho Teerth is a beautiful 12-acre park that has been created out of a publicly-owned former wasteland. 

It is not only a beautiful park but also a reflection of the simple ecological understanding that arises in meditation: if you cannot love yourself, how can you love your neighbors, what to say of the trees?

What was once a barren patch of brown earth with a dirty stream down the middle has been transformed into a delightful garden now enjoyed by thousands of visitors every month. Its unique layout of spaces – which are both separate yet remain part of the larger whole – create the experience of the balance in nature between aloneness and oneness, of interdependence.

By demonstrating how easy it is to reverse the degradation of nature and re-establish a balance between a clean, healthy environment and the needs of a modern city, the park has become a model project. 

This is a project that simultaneously addresses issues related to water regeneration and use, irrigation, health and social education, land use, reforestation and beautification. This one small seed is already fulfilling its potential to flower into many similar community-based projects. It can contribute immeasurably to the livability of humanity's habitat. 

"With our deep meditation and gratitude for existence, it is possible that this earth can remain growing with more consciousness, with more flowers; it can become a lotus paradise. You are a guest. Leave this earth a little more beautiful, a little more human, a little more lovable, a little more fragrant, for those unknown guests who will be following you." 


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