Getting There Mumbai to Pune by Taxi

Mumbai to Pune by Taxi

Mumbai to Pune by Taxi

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The above image shows the 2km radius map with OSHO international Meditation Resort at the center. The 2km radius perimeter is represented by the red-coloured circle.

Late Night or Early Morning Arrival? 
A door-to-door arrangement – from the airport to your front door in about three and a half hours! (Takes longer in monsoon: early June to October.) 

Mumbai-Pune pre-booked Taxi 
The simplest is to book a car with Travel Masters, the on-campus travel agent by emailing: osho@travelmastersonline.com. They can send a car to meet you and take you directly to your destination in Pune. The driver will wait at the final exit doors from the airport, holding a sign with your name on it. If you book a car it is just for you, you don't have to share it. Once you arrive in Pune, you will be asked to pay the pre-agreed sum to the driver in cash in Indian Rupees. So make sure you have changed sufficient money to cover this.

Mumbai-Pune pre-paid Taxi 
On arrival you can rent a pre paid Taxi directly at the Airport counter, on the right hand side before stepping out of the airport. Cost varies from 3.000 to 5.000 INR according to size of car and AC/non-AC. All cars are new models and it takes approximately 3 and a half hours from Mumbai airport to Pune. 

Regular Taxi Shuttle to Pune
A cheaper alternative: a pre-paid local taxi to Dadar Station, Mumbai-Pune taxi rank 20-40 minutes and 300 INR away. There you can pick up a regular Mumbai-Pune taxi. The cost is about 2.000 INR for four seats. You can travel alone or share the taxi and fare. It is a small taxi and a long ride with one stop so you might consider taking at least two seats for yourself. 

There are actually two different services and two different booking offices at Dadar: one for Mumbai-licensed taxis, one for Pune-licensed taxis. The latter can take you to your door in Pune, the former have to drop you at the taxi rank at Pune railway station where you then have to take a rickshaw.

Note: If you go to Pune by taxi from Mumbai, it is a good idea to exchange money or use the ATM just after going through the customs. In the same area, buy a bottle of water and snacks; perhaps take a cushion and a small blanket or shawl to make yourself comfortable during the journey. It can be quite cold at night in wintertime.