Getting There Mumbai to Pune by Train

Mumbai to Pune by Train

Mumbai to Pune by Train

There are two main railway stations in the Mumbai area from which you can catch trains to Pune – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) (formerly Victoria Terminus – VT) which is in central Mumbai, approximately a 60 minute, 500 INR cab-ride from the airport. The second railway station is Dadar, which is on the CST to Pune line and is approximately a 30-40 minute, 300 INR cab-ride from the airport. To reach either station, you can book a pre-paid cab in the arrival terminal.

Although Dadar station is nearer to the airport than CST, only get on at Dadar if you don't have much luggage – the train only stops for 2 minutes! If you are traveling from outside of India you can book your ticket and seat reservation directly from Travel Masters, or online: http://www.indianrail.gov.in/. If you are already in India you can also book your ticket and seat reservation at the station. Seats on most trains are reserved several days in advance.

If you are a foreigner buying a ticket at CST in person there is a "Foreigner" booking window/desk. Here tickets are held for foreigners, but you have to book 10 hours or more before the train departs. They sometimes want to see your bank exchange certificate before accepting your rupees. Otherwise they accept foreign currency. 

At the Station 

Indian train stations are an adventure in themselves! Expect lots of people, colors, smells and confusion. When your taxi stops, you will be surrounded by porters (they have red turbans and an armband with their number). TAKE YOUR TIME and check your luggage out of the taxi carefully! This is the moment things can get lost.  You have to stay in charge or you will be swept off in a sea of porters! Before you get on the train, check which platform your train departs from. Choose one porter (or two if your luggage really needs two – you will need to pay each porter), show him your ticket and he will find your train and your seat. If the train is not there yet, he will wait with you on the right platform. If you need help putting your luggage onto the train, make sure he puts it in a place you agree to. 

Food and Drink 

There is a snacks service on the train. We would strongly advise you to be careful with the food and beverages you consume. Bottled drinks and canned food are recommended, while uncooked food is best to stay away from, at least until you’ve become accustomed to the food.

These are three trains we recommend between Mumbai and Pune. They depart at regular intervals from early morning to midnight.

  • The Intercity Express train departs at 06:40 from Mumbai CST and arrives at Dadar station at 06:50. This train only stops at Dadar for 2 minutes, and arrives at Pune at 09:57. There are only 4 stops between Mumbai and Pune. Journey time from CST to Pune: 3 hours and 17 minutes.
  • The Sinhagad Express, a slightly slower train with more stops, departs at 14:30 from Mumbai CST and arrives at Dadar station at 14:41. It also only stops at Dadar for 2 minutes. Again, make sure you have enough time to get on the train. There are 10 stops between Mumbai CST and Pune, and the train arrives at Pune at 18:40. Journey time from CST to Pune: 4 hours and 10 minutes.
  • The Deccan Queen departs at 17:10 from Mumbai CST and arrives at Pune at 20:25. It does not stop at Dadar station and there are only 3 stops in total. Journey time from CST to Pune: 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The train fare is 400 INR to 700 INR for what is designated: “AC Chair Car” (AC CC). These carriages have AC and nice reclining seats.

To book with Travel Masters  click here. They charge you 50 INR service fee. You can pay the whole amount by cash in Indian Rupees once you are in the Meditation Resort. For more details, please email: osho@travelmastersonline.com.

If you are already in India, the easiest way to book a train ticket is with a reliable travel agent. Expect to pay about 100 INR service fee for the journeys to Pune listed above.

 Arriving at Pune Railway Station: 

In front of Pune Railway Station, as you exit the station you will see the blue “Cool Cabs” and behind them a row of three-wheeler, rickshaws which you can take to the Osho International Meditation Resort. It is only a 3 km, 10 minute journey for 45 INR to 6o INR by rickshaw or 125 INR to 150 INR by taxi. Good to ask the driver to use the meter!