Getting There General Information

General Information

Traveling to India and on to Pune – General Information 


A visa is required for India. You can check out the arrangements for obtaining a visa in your country on your local Indian consulate or embassy website here….

The usual visa allows a stay of up to six months per visit. It is good to check whether the six months starts from the date of issue or the date of arrival in India. Note that tourist visas are not legally extendable in India. If you are intending to leave India for a third country and return within a two-month period, make sure you understand any such limitations on your visa before you travel. You can only visit Osho International Meditation Resort while your Indian visa is valid.

Inoculations / Immunizations

To find out what inoculations you may need, you can check here…

Most health authorities recommend that you have your regular inoculations against polio, typhoid, and tetanus up to date. Many people do not have other inoculations and simply take care to eat healthily. You should consider malaria protection if you plan to spend time in Mumbai, for example, but most people staying in Pune simply rely on mosquito repellants.

Flights to India

The most convenient international airport to fly to is Mumbai (previously called Bombay). The second best is to fly to Delhi, but it is much further away from Pune. Economy return flights from London to Mumbai can be as low as US$500-700, depending on the time of the year.

Prices of return tickets from the U.S. west coast are between US$800-1200. Flights to India may be heavily booked and more expensive from November through January. Pune is a half-hour flight from Mumbai or a two-hour flight from Delhi. This connecting internal flight can now be booked through most international carriers at the time of booking your flight to India.

Another option is to fly direct to Pune from Frankfurt… or via Dubai. Alternatively, you can consider flying to Pune direct via a range of Indian international airports. In addition to Mumbai and Delhi, Pune is served by flights from Ahmadabad, Chennai (Madras), and Kolkata (Calcutta), amongst other international airports.

For more information about flights to India and Pune, please check here….

The flights from Mumbai to Pune are subject to change, so do check. The regular schedule can be seen here….

Travelling on from Mumbai to Pune by road.

If you decide not to wait for the next flight to Pune and go by car instead, the journey is about 4 hours on a good highway. You can book a car to meet you at Mumbai airport from our on campus travel agency, Travel Masters….  The prices are here….  You can book a car online here….

Just take some bottled water and a snack for the journey, and perhaps some tissues.