Hotels in Mumbai / Pune

Where to stay upon arrival in Mumbai (Bombay) depends on whether or not you want to spend a couple of days sightseeing there, and how you plan to travel to Pune. 
If you intend to travel by taxi or plane, hotels in the airport/Juhu area (20 minutes from the international airport) or in the immediate vicinity of the domestic airport will be most convenient. 
In Mumbai
Hotels in the center of Mumbai, which is at least one-hour's drive from the airport, are best if you want to spend time in the city or if you are taking a train to Pune (you catch the train downtown). 
In Pune
Right on the campus, the Osho Guesthouse is available to accommodate you; click here for information and reservation.
Remember that travel in India is very slow, with considerable pollution. It is much easier to stay on the campus or close to Osho International Meditation Resort; so do look at the travel distances before you book your accomodation; see also our Pune Living section.
Hotel Details
The Hotels in Mumbai / Pune link above shows the hotel price including all taxes plus, for Mumbai hotels, the distance to the international airport and the downtown. For Pune hotels we show the distance/time to the Osho International Meditation Resort. The Osho International Meditation Resort is located in a suburb called Koregaon Park, so hotels there will involve the least travelling. 
If you have particularly good or particularly bad experiences with any of these hotels, please drop us a line.