Work As Meditation Work as Meditation Program Details

Work as Meditation Program Details

Work as Meditation Program Details

This program is ideal for anyone who is in (or has) a gap in their life. Perhaps between school and university, between jobs or careers, between marriages…or for anyone who is intrigued by the question of what makes them tick!

As Osho explains:

“Work is a necessary part of your transformation….”

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General Description of the Work as Meditation Program

The OSHO Multiversity is a bridge to meditation. A point is soon reached where the structured meditations in OSHO Auditorium provide a taste of the knack of being able to be aware, to observe what is happening both inside and around us.
The next question that arises is whether I can continue to "watch," to be alert and aware in the midst of my busy schedule back home. Sitting in a quiet meditation hall is one thing, staying centered and aware while sitting in a busy office trying to beat that deadline, or dealing with difficult situations in our personal lives, is quite another!
The work as meditation program is specifically designed to bridge the gap between the process of learning to be aware, which is best experienced in a quiet secluded space, and then experimenting with taking that awareness into our regular everyday lives – the real litmus test of what we have learned.
In this Program we work seven days a week, minimum eight hours per day: six hours working on campus, and two hours of learning the art of listening and "non-doing" during the evening meditation meeting.
The actual work varies widely from designing on a Macintosh to making cappuccinos. From welcoming new arrivals to translating, from helping in Multiversity programs to planning and setting up nightly events. Work that challenges us to watch the body and the mind, our patterns of thinking and feeling, and our habits of reacting rather than responding to people and situations.
And the key starting point is learning that it is not what we do, but how we do it, that changes the gestalt from just "work" to an opportunity to grow as individuals. Essentially we can learn that any experience in life, whether "at work" or "at play," can be an opportunity to learn about ourselves.
In our regular work, we tend to trade our time and energy for money and rationalize our resentment at having to sell ourselves with the fantasies of how we are going to enjoy spending that money, "going out to relax." We sacrifice being present, relaxed and aware in this moment for the tension of striving for some future time when we imagine we can be at ease. A third of our life is spent in this illusory hunt for some golden "tomorrow" which of course never comes. It is always only today. 
Normally we are taught that in order to succeed, we have to struggle, to strive, to set goals, to focus…. The problem with this approach is that the more we struggle, the more we focus, the more tense we become. And the more tense we become, the worse we perform. The alternative approach offered in this program is to learn that in order to give the most to each moment, and to receive the most from each moment, we need to be aware. And to be aware, we need to be relaxed.
Specific Learning Experiences Offered by This Program Include: 
  • That we have the choice of being playful rather than serious – which is often confused with sincerity!
  • Respecting ourselves and our unique contribution to the whole.
  • Respecting those same qualities in others.
  • The value of totality as an essential doorway to transformation.
  • The value of living with awareness of the present moment rather than daydreaming of tomorrow.
  • An opportunity to look at our prejudices about physical work, mental work, "higher" work/"lower" work, hierarchies, authority issues, teamwork, meritocracy….
  • That we are all creative. It is a natural outcome of responding intelligently to the present moment.
  • Interacting with people from many different cultures and backgrounds which help us to see:
    • our own cultural prejudices and biases
    • our inability to listen to the other
    • our difficulties in simply agreeing or disagreeing easily and playfully
    • our tendencies to react emotionally rather than respond

Details of the non-residential Work as Meditation Program: 

Visitors to the Meditation Resort can apply to participate in the non-residential Work as Meditation program for a minimum of 2 weeks. Apart from arranging your own accommodation, the daily Work as Meditation schedule remains the same. It may be possible to extend your non-residential Work as Meditation Program once you are here by mutual agreement.

From March 1 to November 30, 2018:

  • For 14 days participation: 3,100 INR
  • For 30 days participation: 6,300 INR

Exceptional daily rate for 1 to 30 days (for part week workers/extensions): 230 INR

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For any additional questions you can email us at  livingin@osho.net

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