OSHO: Jahan Maun, Wahin Teerth
Although 3,000 of Osho's original Hindi talks are available in audio format, only a very small number of his talks in Hindi language have been recorded in video format before he changed to the English language.
We are starting today to publish excerpts from these talks for Hindi speakers. Sorry if the sound and video quality is often not the best, but these are some rare and beautiful jewels in this language.
When I am speaking in Hindi many people do not understand Hindi but they can also utilize this occasion. Those who do not understand Hindi should close their eyes and listen just to the sound. They should sit in silence as if in meditation. And many times the truth that one does not understand through the words one comes to understand merely by listening to the sound.
When I am speaking in English, friends who do not understand English should not think that this is of no use to them. They should close their eyes and meditate on the sound of my words without attempting to understand the language. There is no need to try to understand a language which you do not know. Sit silently, become like an ignorant person, and meditate upon the impact of the sound. Just listen. That listening will become meditation and it will be beneficial.
The real question is not the understanding, but to become silent. Hearing is not the point, becoming silent is the point. So many times what happens is that what you have understood becomes a barrier, and it is good to listen to something that you do not understand at all; then thinking cannot interfere. When something is not understood there is no way for thoughts to move; they simply stop.
Therefore, listening sometimes to the wind passing through the trees, to the birds singing, to the sound of running water, is better than listening to the seers and sages. The real Upanishads are flowing there, but you will not understand them. And if you do and you can just listen; your intellect will soon quiet down because it is not needed. And when your intellect quiets, you are transported to the place you are in search of. Osho
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