OSHO: Manushya Ki Adbhut Kshamata
Although 3,000 of Osho's original Hindi talks are available in audio format, only a very small number of his talks in Hindi language have been recorded in video format before he changed to the English language.
The text below is not the translation of what he says in this video, but a statement by him about speaking in Hindi:
"...and certainly every master has to speak to the people who are available. That's why many people are surprised those who understand both English and Hindi are surprised because in Hindi I say one thing and in English I say something else, because my people are different. In English I am speaking to a different kind of psychology. It is not only a question of language. When I am speaking Hindi, I am speaking to a different psychology. I am not speaking to walls, I am speaking to people; I am responding.
And sometimes I change myself so much, because my message has to be personal. When I am talking to you, I am talking to you; I have forgotten the whole world. Now, whatsoever I am saying to you, I am saying only to you. It may be relevant to other people, it may not be. This is a personal message." - Osho
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