DANCING WITH EXISTENCE - OSHO International Meditation Resort. 
"Dancing with Existence" captures both the beauty and the experience of the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. This place stands out from any other "spiritual destination" in India. Visitors from more than 100 countries come to learn meditation as self-discovery. Here meditation is not connected to any traditional or religious background; it is simply a contemporary way of living in awareness and mindfulness.
People from all walks of life come to experiment, adding meditation as a new quality to their lives.
The approach here is to create an environment where people can be whole, where people can enjoy being centered with their feet firmly on the ground yet can also touch the stars. The key to relaxation is awareness, being a keen observer of all that is going on both inside and around us -- this is the science of the inner, also called meditation.
To plan your visit: resort@osho.net
Music: Navaei - Joy and Silence, Music from the World of OSHO, Institute for Music and Celebration. 
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