EXPERIENCES from the OSHO International Meditation Resort
Location: Located 100 miles southeast of Mumbai in the thriving modern city of Pune, India, the OSHO International Meditation Resort is a holiday destination with a difference. The Meditation Resort is spread over 40 acres of spectacular gardens in a gorgeous tree-lined residential area. 
Uniqueness: Each year the meditation resort welcomes thousands of people from more than 100 countries. The unique campus provides an opportunity for a direct personal experience of a new way of living—with more awareness, relaxation, celebration and creativity. A great variety of around-the-clock and around-the-year program options are available. Doing nothing and just relaxing is one of them! 
All programs are based on the OSHO vision of "Zorba the Buddha" -- a qualitatively new kind of human being who is able both to participate creatively in everyday life and to relax into silence and meditation. 
Meditations: A full daily schedule of meditations for every type of person includes methods that are active and passive, traditional and revolutionary, and in particular the OSHO Active MeditationsTM. The meditations take place in what must be the world's largest meditation hall, the Osho Auditorium.
Multiversity: Individual sessions, courses and workshops cover everything from creative arts to holistic health, personal transformation, relationship and life transition, work-as-meditation, esoteric sciences, and the "Zen" approach to sports and recreation. The secret of the Multiversity's success lies in the fact that all its programs are combined with meditation, supporting an understanding that as human beings we are far more than the sum of our parts.
Basho Spa: The luxurious Basho Spa provides for leisurely open-air swimming surrounded by trees and tropical green. The uniquely-styled, spacious Jacuzzi, the saunas, gym, tennis courts ... all are enhanced by their stunningly beautiful setting.
Cuisine: A variety of different eating areas serve delicious Western, Asian and Indian vegetarian food -- most of it organically grown especially for the meditation resort. Breads and cakes are baked in the resort's own bakery.
Night Life: There are many evening events to choose from -- dancing being at the top of the list! Other activities include full-moon meditations beneath the stars, variety shows, music performances and meditations for daily life.
Or you can just enjoy meeting people at the Plaza Café, or walking in the night-time serenity of the gardens of this fairy-tale environment.
Facilities: You can buy all your basic necessities and toiletries in the Galleria. The Multimedia Gallery sells a large range of OSHO media products. There is also a bank, a travel agency and a Cyber Café on-campus. For those who enjoy shopping, Pune provides all options, ranging from traditional and ethnic Indian products to all global brand-name stores.
Accommodation: You can choose to stay in the elegant rooms of the Osho Guesthouse, or for longer stays opt for one of the Living-In program packages. Additionally there is a plentiful variety of nearby hotels and serviced apartments. 
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