How to play the transcendental game of Zen?

Obviously you can ask the tarot what you like, although it is in fact a vehicle for exposing what you already know. Any card drawn in response to an issue is a direct reflection of what you are sometimes unable or unwilling to recognize at this time. And yet it is only through recognition (without judging as right or wrong) from a detached perspective that you can begin to fully experience your height and depth – all the colors of your rainbow being.

When consulting the "mirror" of the tarot, shuffle the cards well, imagining them as a receptacle into which you are pouring your energies. When you feel ready, fan them face down, and using your left hand (the receptive one), select cards in response to your present issue. Remember to stay in the moment as you turn the cards over, allowing your inner responses to clarify your outer issues. As you will experience, the images of the OSHO Zen Tarot are alive. Their impact is undeniable, for they speak to us in a language that our deeper selves recognize. They awaken understanding. They provoke clarity.

Included are a few spreads or layouts to play with, but ultimately you will develop your own way of using the cards. Be creative – the possibilities are limitless. Be as silent and focused as possible when you are using this deck. The more you are able to perceive the process as a gift for your individual growth, the more meaningful the messages will be for you.