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November, 2013
Main Article – Why Does Jealousy Hurt?
Meditation of the Month – Laughter and Relaxation
Body Dharma – The Whole Man
Emotional Ecology – Dropping Ideals
Impressions – Basho
Why Does Jealousy Hurt?

What is jealousy and why does it hurt so much?

Jealousy is comparison. And we have been taught to compare, we have been conditioned to compare, always compare. Somebody else has a better house, somebody else has a more beautiful body, somebody else has more money, somebody else has a more charismatic personality. Compare, go on comparing yourself with everybody else you pass by, and great jealousy will be the outcome; it is the by-product of the conditioning for comparison.…"
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Laughter and Relaxation

There are a few moments when, without being aware, you are in a let-go. For example, when you are really laughing – a belly
laughter, not just from the head, but from your belly – you are relaxed without your knowing, you are in a let-go. That’s why laughter is so health-giving. There is no other medicine that can help you more in attaining well-being. Next time you laugh, be alert about how relaxed you are.…"
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I grew up in Costa Rica mostly, with my grandparents, as my parents were divorced and my mother was working a lot. My grandparents were good-hearted
people, and nature-lovers. Just before finishing my studies in Business Administration I had been to Costa Rica for holidays, and my mom gave me an Osho book. I can’t remember the title, but once I had opened the book I could not put it down.
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Dropping Ideals

Can cowardice and hypocrisy also be beautiful?
“If you have the idea to be a brave man then it looks ugly to be a coward. But cowardice is a fact, and the ideal is just an ideal, a fantasy of the mind.

“Sacrifice fantasies to reality, drop all ideals, and then life starts becoming integrated. All the rejected fragments start coming back home, the repressed starts surfacing. For the first time you start feeling a kind of togetherness; you are no longer falling apart.…"
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The Whole Man

A man should be just man, a man should be just human – total, whole. And out of that wholeness will arise a new kind of health.
The East is introvert, the West is extrovert. Man is split, mind is schizophrenic. That’s why all the great masters have come from the East and all the great scientists have come from the West. The West has developed science and has completely forgotten about the inner soul; is concerned with matter, but has become oblivious of the inner subjectivity.…"
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Why So Much Fuss About Sex? – The OSHO COLUMN
Lions Club International Honours Osho International Foundation for 'Enlightening Lives' Across the Globe
OSHO Transformation Tarot Launch
Award Winning OSHO Zen Tarot
Emotions: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy and Fear
Now available as Paperback and eBook
“Osho insights for a better understanding of emotions. Anger, jealousy, and fear are the three big topics of this book, together with some simple meditations to deal with these emotions…."
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Video Impression: Larissa Jurkiewicz

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