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September, 2013
Main Article – Your Chief Characteristic
Meditation of the Month – Protective Aura
Body Dharma – Health, Meditation, and Dreams
Emotional Ecology – Celebrate Misery!
Impressions – Anand Sujati
Your Chief Characteristic

I am concerned about my friend’s drinking habits.

Don’t think about anything that concerns others.

“And that’s what you go on thinking. Ninety-nine percent of the things that you think about concern others. Drop them – drop them immediately!…"
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Protective Aura

When: Every night, last thing before going to sleep. First thing in the morning.
Duration: 4-5 minutes.
Step 1: Imagine a Halo…
Sit on your bed and imagine an aura around your body, just six inches away from your body, the same shape as the body… surrounding you, protecting you. It will become a shield.…"
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Anand Sujati

I am Anand Sujati, and since childhood I have been deeply in touch with music. My musical journey began with vocal singing when I was twelve. Soon after I found an ancient sitar at my
home and started playing it; it was as if the instrument had pulled me towards it. My father was a singer and he gave me full support in learning sitar.
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Celebrate Misery!

Even about misery you can take an attitude of celebration. For example: you are sad – don’t get identified with sadness. Become a witness and enjoy the moment
of sadness, because sadness has its own beauties. You have never watched. You get so identified that you never penetrate the beauties of a sad moment. If you watch, you will be surprised at what treasures you have been missing.…"
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Health, Meditation, and Dreams

How is it that the body begins to feel light after the deep and fast breathing in dynamic meditation?
It is true that the body will feel light after this meditation. It will be so because our consciousness of body is one of heaviness. What we call heaviness is nothing more than our awareness of the body.…"
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The Right Upbringing: Osho's Thoughts on Helping a Child Become Independent – Parenting
Children need to be taken care of, they need your help, but they don't need to be made dependent on you. The only way you can help is to make them independent.

They are strangers in the world. You can keep an eye on them so that they do not fall into a ditch, but there is no need to enslave them just to save them from the ditch.…"
No Computer Is as Powerful as the Human Mind – The Osho Column
The whole misery of science is that mind is using its energy. But, mind is a negative force; it cannot use anything creatively, it needs a master. Mind is a servant. Do you have a master?

So to me the question is… meditation brings the master in. It makes you fully aware and conscious that the mind is your instrument. Now, whatever you want to do with it you can do. And, if you can put it aside and you can remain in absolute silence.…"
OSHO Meditation & Monsoon Festival 2013
OSHO Transformation Tarot Launch
OSHO International YouTube Channel (English) just became 7 years old. The number of viewers have gone up to 30 million to celebrate the anniversary, so to say. Also, the number of subscribers to the channel grew in the last 8 months from 49,500 to 166,500.
OSHO Facebook page crossed million LIKES last month – more than 30,000 fans celebrated by joining the two minute guided silence meditation with Osho. We plotted the meditators on the world map, take a look And, in case, you missed the meditation or want to try it again – click here
Speak to Us of Love   The Book of Children
Introducing us to the most famous poems of the Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran, Osho takes the reader into a mystical world, addressing essential issues in everybody’s life. The famous verse that gives the title to this book is about “love” – but not the ordinary love we know from novels and movies. Speak to us of Love gives a taste of a contemporary mystic at work, trying to disrupt our dreams, illusions, and the state of unconsciousness that prevents us from enjoying life to the fullest.
This is about and for the millions of people.
  “Look into the eyes of a child – you cannot find anything deeper. The eyes of a child are an abyss, there is no bottom to them." Osho

Children have an authentic freedom. They are joyful, playful, and naturally creative. But by the time they grow up, most children have been sacrificed to the gods of “productivity" and good behavior to the extent that only nostalgia for childhood remains. Osho says, “It is the child’s experience that haunts intelligent people their whole life. They want it again – the same innocence, the same wonder, the same beauty…."
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Video Impressions: Hoa Dinh

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