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January, 2017
"Everybody knows what celebration is. I have never come across a person who does not know what celebration is. Just rejoicing in your being, just rejoicing in this moment, this tremendous universe. You had not asked for it, you have simply been given a universe which is infinite and eternal. You have not asked and you have been given a consciousness which is eternal, which can become festive. If you allow it, it can make you the sanest, the most graceful, the most loving....
"A man of many seasons and many rainbows.
"There are so many dimensions of celebration."
Osho, Yaa-Hoo! The Mystic Rose, Talk #26
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  “There is nothing more meditative than celebration. And the whole art of religion is how to transform your life into a constant celebration, into an unending celebration. Celebrate everything, then meditation comes of its own accord, it follows you like a shadow.”  
The Imprisoned Splendor, Talk #14
  “Continue to meditate, and continue to dance and sing. See life in as many ways as possible, in all its colors. Celebrating, you come closer and closer to the heart of reality. The moment you stop celebrating you are cut, disconnected. Celebration is the bridge. When you dance, it is not only you who is dancing; the whole existence is dancing with you – the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars. It is a celebrating existence… it is continuously dancing.’’  
Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast, Talk #28
  “It is not without any reason that I want you to end up your meditation every day with celebration, with rejoicing. Slowly slowly, as meditation becomes deeper, your celebration will have more splendor, it will become more majestic, more miraculous.”  
The Miracle, Talk #4
  “Celebrate now; don't say tomorrow. Don't postpone, there is no need. All that is needed to celebrate is already there: you are breathing, you are alive, you are conscious, you are intelligent. What else does one need to celebrate? One can dance right now, one can sing right now. And the more you dance, the more you sing, the more you become capable of celebrating.”  
The Sacred Yes, Talk #9
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