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February, 2018
Google the word meditation and you get two hundred and twenty-four million hits. As the world about us seems to go more bananas every day, so the subject of how to make it OK to still be here grows more popular, and meditation, or the idea of it, is gaining in popularity. Reams have been written about how to do it, and the benefits it will bring, but what, really, is it?
“Then what is meditation? Meditation is just being delighted in your own presence; meditation is a delight in your own being. It is very simple – a totally relaxed state of consciousness where you are not doing anything. The moment doing enters, you become tense; anxiety enters immediately. How to do? What to do? How to succeed? How not to fail? You have already moved into the future.”
Osho, Dang Dang Doko Dang, Talk #5
A Practical Guide to OSHO Meditations
"Who are you? To enter into it is meditation, to go deeper into your own being. Maybe it is just momentary; maybe you are not eternal, maybe death finishes everything. We don’t make any condition that you have to believe, we say only that you have to experiment. Just try. One day it happens: thoughts are not there. And suddenly, when thoughts disappear, the body and you are separate, because thoughts are the bridge. Through thoughts you are joined with the body; it is the link. Suddenly the link disappears – you are there, the body is there, and there is an infinite abyss between the two. Then you know that the body will die but you cannot die. Then it is not something like a dogma; it is not a creed, it is an experience – self-evident." Osho
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“If you are freed from the past and you have a look that can see the present, you will enter existence. And this entry will be double: you will enter into everything, into its spirit, and you will enter into yourself also because the present is the door. All meditations in one way or the other try to get you to live in the present. So this technique is one of the most beautiful techniques – and easy.” Osho
How many of us put our faith in the stars, turning to the horoscope page before reading the headlines in the hope of being granted a better day than yesterday? And if the omens are not good don’t we go a bit more gingerly through our day? When what was predicted happens we place greater trust in astrology, yet when they don’t we proclaim it to be rubbish. So what’s the real story?
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February, 2018 Newsletter
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