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July, 2017
There seems to be a constant manipulation by politicians and the news media to create fear. For example, I only just discovered that in the US I am ten times more likely to die from choking on my food than from any form of terrorism. What is behind all this?
“Everybody you have come in contact with has been imposing fear on you, because fear is the antithesis of freedom. The more fear you have in you, the less is the possibility of freedom. The more fear is there, the less is the possibility of rebellion.
“The society, the church, the state, all want everybody to be in a state of constant fear: fear of the known, fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of hell, fear of missing heaven, fear of not making your name in the world, fear of just being a nobody. Everybody around you from the very birth is creating fear. No child is born with fear. Every child is born with freedom, doubt, rebellion, individuality, innocence – all great qualities. But he is helpless, dependent.
Osho, The Last Testament, Vol. 3, Talk #23
Living Spontaneously and Embracing Life
“Trust is the highest form of the same energy as doubt. Doubt is the lowest rung of the ladder, and trust is the highest rung of the same ladder. Use doubt, use it joyfully.” Osho
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OSHO Born Again Meditative Therapy, a one-week process offered by the OSHO Multiversity, helped me to meet with myself in an environment where I felt safe. I was able to relive past events and emotions, identifying patterns built in my early childhood, and to understand how these were formed and what effects they have had on my later life. The most revealing thing for me came when I realized that these patterns and habits were created by myself, and this revelation came about through doing various playful and light-hearted exercises.
“And I tell you that even negative emotions are good, if real; and if they are real, by and by, their very reality transforms them. They become more and more positive and a moment comes when all positivity and negativity disappears. You simply remain authentic: you don’t know what is good and what is bad, you don’t know what is positive and what is negative. You are simply authentic.” Osho
“The fear is that perhaps one is a bad person. The fear is that we may discover that we are a bad person after having cultivated an image of being a good person. We appear to be a good person – we are saintly, we are innocent, we are authentic, we are truthful. Our fear is that we may realize that inside we are inauthentic and false.”
The Times of India’s The Speaking Tree: Politicians as Pollution
Dividing humanity into parts by creating nations is the game of the politician. It is poison to humanity, says Osho
Rituals Summer Edition – Express Your Soul: The Spirit of Osho
“Life is an open secret. Everything is available, nothing is hidden. All that you need is just eyes to see.” Osho
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July, 2017 Newsletter
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