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November, 2017
Social media is flooded with #MeToo, the call sign of a movement to encourage survivors of sexual assault and abuse to speak up. The campaign was founded ten years ago, but has taken off now to expose the magnitude of the issue, and is provoking society to take steps to stop it. Yet the oppression of women has been happening since the discovery of paternity and the origin of private property. While the feminist movement has made great strides in addressing the patriarchal mindset, and this hashtag is bringing assault and abuse out into the open, Osho’s vision is far clearer…
“Man has ruled over women for millennia. He has been given every opportunity and chance and woman has been repressed continuously, has been crippled. She has not been allowed to compete with man shoulder to shoulder in life. That’s why we don’t know how many Gautam Buddhas on the women’s side did not get the opportunity to blossom. We don’t know how many Albert Einsteins have simply been denied any possibility for growth.”
Osho, Sat Chit Anand – Truth Consciousness Bliss, Talk #26
A Celebration of Women and the Female Spirit
"Everything is mysterious: It is better to enjoy it rather than trying to understand it. Ultimately the man who goes on trying to understand life proves to be a fool, and the man who enjoys life becomes wise and goes on enjoying life, because he becomes more and more aware of the mysterious that surrounds us." Osho
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“You are carrying a still, small voice of your own, unheard, and in the crowd of voices that have been imposed upon you, it is almost impossible to find it. First you will have to get rid of all those noises, attain a certain quality of silence, peace, serenity. Only then will it come, as a surprise, that you also have your own voice. It was always there like an undercurrent.” Osho
“Man has always been interested in faraway things. The woman is never interested in faraway things, her interest is very real. And if she is allowed freedom – and she will have to be allowed because it is time…. This kind of slavery cannot be tolerated anymore; neither by women, nor by any man who has any compassion, any intelligence, any love. This situation has to be totally changed.” Osho
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November, 2017 Newsletter
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