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August, 2017
Everyone is busy planning for, waiting for, and dreaming about their next vacation. Whether it's just a simple weekend or a long, winter break, taking a holiday is an integral part of working life, a time when people feel they can finally relax. And then when their working life is over comes the perceived bliss of retirement. But isn’t what they’re doing just an escape from themselves?
“Where can you escape to? Wherever you go, the world is there. You cannot run away from the world. Whatever place you reach, you will realize that the world is still there. Then you have to run away from that place, and from the next place… and in this way you will have to keep running.”
Osho, Inner War and Peace, Talk #7
The Key to Living in Balance
"Silence is the space in which one awakens, and the noisy mind is the space in which one remains asleep. If your mind continues chattering, you are asleep. Sitting silently, if the mind disappears and you can hear the chattering birds and no mind inside, a silence… this whistle of the bird, the chirping, and no mind functioning in your head, utter silence… then awareness wells up in you. It does not come from the outside, it arises in you, it grows in you. Otherwise remember: you are asleep." Osho
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My OSHO Mystic Rose experience has brought me from fake to real via a mystical journey into my own inner basement. I had forgotten what it was like to laugh like a child, seriousness had gripped me from all directions, and I didn't realise it until I laughed like what “normal” people would call a mad woman! Bubbles of energy moved in my belly until I was laughing just for the sake of it.
I had such a pool of un-cried tears held inside from the pain of I don't even know how long.
Step 1: Daily Watching
“Start being aware with day-to-day, routine actions, and while you are doing your routine actions, remain relaxed.
“There is no need to be tense. When you are washing your floor, what is the need to be tense? Or when you are cooking the food, what is the need to be tense? There is not a single time in life that requires your tension. It is just your unawareness and your impatience.…"
“If we want a whole man – and to me a whole man is the only holy man – then Zorba has to be absorbed into Buddha. They have to be accepted totally as one. And I don’t see where the trouble is. In fact, Zorba plus Buddha will be a tremendous enrichment.” Osho
The Times of India’s The Speaking Tree: Dance Away Your Problems
Live, dance, eat, do things as totally as possible, says Osho.
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August, 2017 Newsletter
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