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May, 2017
Human beings are the only species on the planet to go on trying to improve themselves, to change themselves. Everyone else seems happy with who they are and how they are. So why do we humans do it? Is it wrong to want to be a better person?
“First, all efforts to improve yourself are bound to fail because the one who is making the effort is the problem: the ego. The ego is constantly making efforts to improve: have more money, have a bigger house, have a bigger car, have a more beautiful woman, or a husband, have this, have that. That is ego. You understand it.
“But then the ego plays another game too: it says, ‘Become more peaceful, become more loving, attain to meditation, become a siddha, be like a buddha.’ This again is the same game in another direction. The same ego that was trying to decorate itself with outer things now wants to try and decorate itself with inner things.
Osho, The Path of Love, Talk #10
Awakening to Your Own Awareness
"If you re-spect, if you look again and go deep into your existence, you are going to find the place from where you started losing yourself and gaining the ego. That moment is a moment of illumination because once you have seen what the ego is, the game is finished." Osho
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Which is my favorite meditation? Why do I like it? What effect does it have on me?
My favorite is OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation.
I prefer to practice it in the afternoon or in the early evening, when the most active part of the day is over.
I like this particular meditation because it brings me into a deep stillness, an inner quietness.
“In exactly the same way, yes is light, no is darkness. If you really want to do anything in your life, you have to learn the way of yes. And yes is tremendously beautiful; just to say it is so relaxing. Let it become your very lifestyle. Say yes to the trees and the birds and people, and you will be surprised: life becomes a blessing if you are there to say yes to it. Life becomes a great adventure.” Osho
“If you become capable of relaxing the body voluntarily, then you will be able to help your mind relax voluntarily.” Osho
HuffPo: There Are Three Types of Freedom, But Only One Truly Matters
"The first, freedom from, is a reaction. The second, freedom for, is revolution. The third, just freedom, is rebellion." Osho
The Speaking Tree: Why Be Depressed?
Putting everything aside and running after money, thinking that it can buy you everything, will only disappoint you and cause depression, says Osho
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May, 2017 Newsletter
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