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December, 2016
Recent events seem to show our world being turned upside down, with social, economic and religious stress everywhere. Can anything good come out of this?
“Yes, a time of crisis is a very valuable time. When everything is established and there is no crisis, things are dead. When nothing is changing and the grip of the old is perfect, it is almost impossible to change yourself. When everything is in chaos, nothing is static, nothing is secure, nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment – in such a chaotic moment – you are free, you can change. You can attain to the innermost core of your being.
“When society is in turmoil and everything is in crisis, chaos pervades – this is the moment; you can escape from its prison. It is easy because nobody is guarding you, nobody is after you. You are left alone. Things are in such a shape that everybody is bothering about his own business – nobody is looking at you. This is the moment. Don’t miss that moment.”
Osho, Yoga: A New Direction, Talk #10
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60 Parables and Stories
About Our Mortal Body of Clay and the Immortal Flame of Consciousness
“Life is a manifestation of that which is covered and hidden at birth. Development, growth, is simply its uncovering, and when the hidden does not manifest, there is misery. Just as a mother will find herself in unbearable and indescribable pain if she carries the child in her womb for her whole life, similarly those people who do not become what they were destined to be find they are miserable. But I observe that every person is running in the same race. Everyone wants to be what he is not and so no one can ever succeed. What is the ultimate result? The result is that people do not become what they could have been. And as they do not become what they cannot be, they are also deprived of what they dreamed they could become.”
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Protection of Joy
Step 1: Preparation
“For the first seven days, the first step: Lying down on the bed, or sitting, put the light off, be in darkness.
Step 2: Remember a Beautiful Moment
“Just remember any beautiful moment that you have experienced in the past. Any beautiful moment – just choose the best. It may be very ordinary – because sometimes extraordinary things happen in very ordinary grounds.…”
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Zeba, Delhi, India
I grew up listening to Osho's voice in my house as my parents were Osho sannyasins. So I naturally drifted towards the Creative Living Program of Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune. Here I have learnt to give my total energy to something I am doing. We can learn a lot from our problems, challenges because here we can look at them. The problem doesn't seem like a problem. If the colleague is not as enthusiastic as you are, you just give your best and the other person catches the energy. I was a front office …
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OSHO Kundalini Meditation - A Closer Look
Money Is Blood Running through the Veins of Society
“The rich people of India live like the poor, they hoard wealth. Why? Because India preaches simple living, high thinking. This is nonsense. The truth is: high living, high thinking.” Osho
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OSHOTimes Is Now a Regular Feature of the World-Famous Huffington Post
Avoiding Crisis Means Avoiding Life
“You can remain secure and safe with the past. You can avoid the crisis; that's what millions of people have decided. But then they remain mediocre.” Osho
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Mail Today’s Eat, Pray & Love: Why You Must Not Fear Pain
Absorb all that suffering, pain, and misery in your heart, and see a miracle happen, says Osho
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December, 2016 Newsletter
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